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    After wondering what that small bit of metal was in the bottom of the tire I discovered the hole in the rim for the valve was larger than it used to be. Definite signs of corrosion in there. Then noticed the front wheel had a missing spoke.

    I’ve been thinking about a new commuter for some time but not been able to justify it. Currently using a 26″ rigid MTB with full mudguards, 1×9, and hydraulic discs.

    Want new commuter to be similar; must have hydraulic brakes, gears (9 is good), mudguard eyelets for winter, no drop-bars. and be able to handle some light off road (ie farm tracks). I’ve got a proper MTBs for singletrack etc, so thinking I’d like something a bit faster than the 26″ rigid MTB.

    Kona Dew Deluxe looking quite attractive. Anything else to consider, sub £600 price range?

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