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  • andrewh

    Right then, here goes.
    We have for sale a Cateye ABS 30 light. I bought one years ago for £160, which after many years developed a fault, so I took it back to be replaced. I bought a new light while it was away and have been using that ever since, When the replacement one arrived it got put away in the garage. The one here is the warranty replacement. It’s been sitting in the garage for a while (which is why the box is quite faded) but has only been used once, it was my back-up light at the Mayhem 24hr race a couple of years ago and was drafted in when the main light failed (Note to self: remember to fully charge these things BEFORE the race…).
    Anyway, about the light. There are two halogen lamp units, a 10W and a 20W, which can be used separately or together, giving up to 30W of power. To be honest 10W is usually plenty! These are controlled with a handlebar mounted switch. There are two NiMH batteries (someone on ebay is selling new ones for £40 each!!!) These can be used separately or joined with the included splitter cable if required, there’s about 3hrs of life in 10W mode. There is a mount which allows the batteries to be attached to a bottle-cage mount (and still have a bottle there too, they sit next to it like a pump would) or they can be attached to the frame using various strapping points. (there is a spilt in one of these, sustained during their only outing, but it didn’t seem to affect it at all, shown in one of the pics) Only other problem is a ding to the box, but I’m sure no-one’s bothered about that! It has a charger (standard UK 3-pin, adaptors can be purchased from any electrical retails if you want to use it outside of the UK) New chargers on ebay are over £25 alone. It’s even still got the cable guard things to prevent cable rub damaging the wires. The instruction manual is included too.
    I’ve charged it up and tested it and it all seems fine, but I’ve not taken it ou and used it in anger. If in any doubt come round and have a look at it (just send me an email)

    Pictures here
    Cash on collection is the preferred option but I will post if I have to. I’m in South Lincolnshire about 8 miles from the A1. Post is quite expensive as it’s not light (yes, rubbish pun) mainly down to the weight of the charger and things, the light itself is quite.., um, light.

    Looking for £50 collected, or it can be delivered to the rescheduled race at Whinlatter on April 21. Postage would be about a tenner.

    andy_howett atyahoodotcodotuk

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