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  • Nearly 40 and never voted.
  • So other than a major economic disaster

    Like the possibility of the current government overseeing the break up of the UK?
    And I have to say I’m really looking forward to seeing the turnout for the independance referendum.

    Don’t vote? Then don’t moan.

    I will vote agree for the Green Party.

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    Living over in Oz but not allowed to vote yet, thats really annoying as I have to pay taxes but can’t register my opinion on who should spend them.

    Considering 35% of the UK didn’t vote at all in the last election it’s a fairly depressing state of affairs. If they had all turned up they could have all supported a party that would be part of a coalition now.

    Having seen a few alternative voting systems now they all have good and bad points, we go with a Preference system here where votes are redistributed till you get a winner(s). It has led to the rise and election of some very minor micro parties to the upper house due to preference deals where votes are passed round from one to another as they are eliminated from the count until suddenly a party with 1% of the initial vote has enough to get a senator. There are also some ballot papers that are nearly 1m long.


    Check out the following people on Youtube even if you don’t read their books, they give evidence on the effects of austerity government and the widening gap between rich and poor: Richard Wilkinson, David Stuckler, Thomas Piketty. Then think about whether you should disenfranchise yourself or whether your vote might make a difference.
    I’m no great supporter of any of the parties (they’re all too rightwing for me) but I’ve voted in every election since 1974.

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    So how do you vote then, as a leftie? Interested.


    jambalaya – Member
    @marcus – why don’t you visit a war cemetery and take a look at all the people who are buried there. They died protecting your right to vote.

    You do know that is bullocks don’t you?

    Hace a read about who could vote at the outbreak of the first world war. Have a read about why they changed the system. Quite educational to realise that voting was only expanded to make sure the enfranchised didn’t loose the vote by going to war, that everyone(well a few more) else got the vote as a coincidence.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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