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  • Very sorry to hear that. Maybe the police will oen day treat this seriously?

    How North are we talking?

    A worried Westbury Park dweller…

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    jesus well done for giving them grief thieving scumbags, at the very least maybe the police will take a real interest as you were injured rather than just another bike theft statistc

    bristol sounds like a horrible place for bikers, definately go back to scotland!


    might be worth adding them here:


    Also fingers crossed the Police catch the bastards.


    Sounds like the guys that keep trying to attack my garage.

    6 attempts and so far failed, these guys are cowards 6 of them and the best they could do was throw a bike at you.

    Glad to hear you’re OK, don’t give up, why the **** should these **** scum win.

    Valiant effort teacake, I think I’ve spoted you out on your sand coloured inbred 29er on the A38. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you.


    coincedence or suspicious there were 5 bikes and 5 guys?

    bad luck – good job your insured.


    Valiant effort teacake, I think I’ve spoted you out on your sand coloured inbred 29er on the A38.

    Me too.

    What was your security like inside if you don’t mind me asking? Any ideas what they used to get through that?

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    Hi Teacake, sorry to hear about this, it sounds horrific. I’ve just started the blog mentioned above. If you like I can post up your story on it along with a description of the stolen bikes, and pics if you have them. My email’s in my profile.

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    If you were assaulted surley the police ‘must’ follow it up?

    ‘must’ probably = ‘will not’

    I bet if you’d injured one of them the boys in blue would be charging you!

    It’s a messed up world, hope you get better soon.

    That sucks, I hope those scum get whats coming to em. Good effort on having a go though.

    I am in North Bristol too. We have had tossers trying to get in the garage through the roof and trying to crowbar open a side door. Luckily both times neighbours were on hand to scare em off.

    We have an alarm, I hope it works when they do finaly get in.


    Hi all,

    Just a note to say to anyone in N.Bristol area that we were broken into last night and had two bikes stolen. I ended up in hospital so read to the bottom for the gory story!

    First: A Small [16inch] Custard coloured Cotic Soul with white RS Revelations, silver XT cranks and XT rear mech.

    Second: A Sand soloured 18inch On-One Inbred 29er, with On-One rigid carbon fork, silver Chris King headset and black Deore cranks.

    I don’t expect to see these again, but just on the off chance. Luckily we’re insured. We had a garage defender as well as the normal top lock of the garage door and a dead bolt at both bottom corners. There were five guys and they bent one bottom corner up, got someone inside and bent the top corner back, then just pushed the middle of the door until it folded vertically in the middle and the deadbolts popped out.

    Luckily [or unluckily], I heard the freewheel on the Cotic [Hope XC] and ran downstairs in my pants to see two guys riding off with the above mentioned bikes. There were still three of them by the garage door with my road bike, my hardtail and girlfriends road bike. The guys who had these couldn’t ride them as:
    a) the road bike is a gate and they couldn’t get a leg over.
    b) the hardtail has no pedals and the saddle is uber high.
    c) the gf’s road bike had no saddle.

    Without thinking and full of adrenalin I just ran straight at the three of them. I couldn’t see much spare the white frames of the road bikes. My eyes hadn’t adjusted to the dark, the guys were wearing all black and my hardtail is all black.

    Next I know, the road bike is in the air and I put my hands out to stop the impact, but I was decked before that. I got up quite shaken and made enough noise to keep them away – luckily my neighbours were out pronto. Turns out they threw the hardtail at my – saddle rails are covered in blood – forensic inspector was impressed!

    Someone tells me I’m bleeding and should go inside, but I want to check the bikes over. Realise I’m far too pumped to work out which way is up so go inside to leave neighbours and gf to take bikes into houses.

    Police, ambulance, few hours in hospital for checking up, cleaning and stitching in head. Moral of the story? I don’t know – sell all bikes and start running or move back to rural Scotland?!

    Be vigilant – I think these guys may have followed us home the other night when we had road bikes on the roof. I’m hardly going to take detours EVERY journey to ensure I’m not being followed. Considering selling all bikes but one and having it as 29er, with two sets of wheels.

    Stay safe STWers! We have insurance for a reason.


    Where the hell do all these bikes go?

    I live just south of Bristol, very rural but certainly not safe. Been here 2 years and neighbours have been broken into twice. No idea why we havn’t though. Bikes and brick shed is alarmed which might help, i hope.

    My LBS was done over a couple of years ago when i lived in Clevedon. Took my bike in one saturday for a service, strange people look around shop then leave, bike shop owners locks up for the weekend. Returns monday to realise my bike wasn’t where he left it!!! He works out that one of the strange customers took my bike on his way out the back door!!

    3 days later the shop is ransacked, 5 bikes stolen and how did they get in? Through the back door.

    Clevedon area has been suffering alot recently from bike thefts. Someone knows exactly what they’re after it would seem.

    We have taken to putting both bikes in the car when possible. We live off a busy road so following us or staking out the house would be pretty hard without looking obvious. F**king ridiculous we even have to worry about something like this.

    Jesus, that is scary. That story says something about how realistic people are on this forum when they threaten violence against any thieves they catch, what are you supposed to do against 5 blokes who want your bikes.

    I’ve lost 3 bikes this year and have talked to the police about what they thinks happens.

    They recoved my Prince Albert frame after a raid on a Southmead house. There is a local officer (who is a biker) who spends time on ebay looking for dodgy ads from the same postcode (the police can get this info from ebay). I’m waiting for a progress update on the case, but I know they recovered dozens of frames and parts. The bike was stolen by 2 kids and presumably handed over for £100 quid or so to “Mr Big”. That bit is the good news.

    Not so good was their initial attitude. When I reported the crime, I was asked all sorts of questions about the colour of my mudguards, grips, was it a “gents bike” etc, didnt inspire me with confidence that this was being taken seriously. My community officer contradicted the above by saying that the police thought that bikes were being stored in a warehouse somewhere and shipped abroad, as that was the only reason they could account for only recovering 1%. They also made very little effort to catch the initial thiefs. 2 kids took my PA and left one of their own bikes behind (wish I’d realised quicker and had chased them on it, instead of on foot!). I asked the Golden Lion on Glos Road to store the kid’s bike as the police said they would be there in an hour to take prints etc. I also got CCTV pictures from the landlord.

    So, when I checked one week later, the bike was still at the Golden Lion and the pictures hadnt been collected. When the police finally picked it up, they said there was so much mud on it there was no point even dusting for prints. It wasnt dirty at all.

    Now, I dont read the Daily Mail or generally fall for scaremongering, but I am starting to get concerned as a Horfield resident, something is very wrong here. This story has made up my mind to go ahead with a £400 alarm system for my house and outbuilding. I’m not going to make ideal threats to thieves by talking about cricket bats etc, I’m under 11st and have no plans to take on 5 blokes in my garden. But, I dont want to do nothing, so feel pretty helpless.

    A couple of thoughts and comments to finish off:

    1. Bristol, as Cycling City, has over £20m to spend on cycling. Maybe we should start by trying to reduce the growing trend in organised bike crime in the city. I feel like the only safe place for my bikes is under my bed.

    2. Are we fueling this problem by buying stolen parts and bikes on the likes of ebay? I’m sure my Epic Expert isnt currently being ridden by some Southmead chav, it’s been broken up and sold for proper money.

    3. Should we do more like Teacake, and get together to petition Avon and Somerset police / City Council in some way (Teacake – feel free to use this on your blog)? I know we are generally just talking about thefts and bulgaries of bikes usually without violence, but this story describes a robbery, as do other recent incidents at Leigh Woods and Still Woods. How hard would it be for the police to set up some sort of sting operation, or put a gps transmitter in a bike?

    Glad you were insured at least!

    harry too

    Absolutely shocking.

    I have the contact details of the PC based in Broadmead who is responsible for trying to tackle bike theft in Bristol as a whole. He is keen to have a meeting to discuss the issue.

    I remind you all of the statistics – 2007 / 2008 over £1million worth of bikes stolen in Bristol, just 1% returned! (taken from Police own report!).

    I have written to MPs, Councillors and Police Contacts, each passes it to the other, the only person who has taken an interest is Local MP Doug Naysmith, who forwarded my concerns to the local police chief, his reply can be found on another thread but lets just say I wasn’t impressed and I feel that it is in clear contradiction of the new “Police Pledge”.

    harry too – let me know if I can help with that meeting


    Yes. How far North ?

    Hope your OK.


    I’ll help f you need me just email me gungun24 at hotmail dot com, so far I have had 3 bikes (£10,000 worth) stolen in Bath (the bristol side) though it is not bristol i do use bristol bike shops so could? have been followed home.



    Thanks so so much for all the responses. I’m a bit shaken up by it and so all the supportive comments – though I don’t know any of you – have been very heartening.

    anotherdeadhero – I don’t commute on the A38 reguarly so it may be another rider. With regard to in garage security, we had nothing. The three bikes which were thrown at me were not taken because the theives couldn’t ride them due to missing pedals, saddles or massive frames. They didn’t take my fixie as it’d be difficult to ride and it’s also a gate.

    Perhaps we should all be taking our seatposts and pedals off. We’re going to move from this place ASAP as it’s no longer safe and in the new place we’ll be using rape alarms tied onto the rear wheel and anchored to wall as well as some form of motion alarm in the shed and I’ll probably buy a couple of motorbike chains to slow proceedings down.

    I’ve got limited access to internet in the flat so if anyone wants to get in touch my work email is: colin [dot] baird [at] csplc.com

    Mr Agreeable – Thanks for your blog – I’ve emailed photos and description, but ran out of internets in the library as they were closing. I’ll get in touch with more detail soon.

    Take care all – I’m going to sleep soon – I hope!

    ps, we live in Henleaze.

    Shit! Hope you’re ok teacake.

    I’m crapping myself about my bikes now. seems as though I’m on borrowed time


    Teacake – that’s an absolute shocker, mate. I’m really sorry to hear what’s happened to you. It’s a long shot, but I’ll keep an eye out for anything matching the description of your bikes.

    We got done two weeks ago here in Exeter – bit far south I know, but wouldn’t put it past a Bristol lot. My wife’s been saying every day since about how she would have gone out and given them what for etc had she heard anything. After reading your post she’s finally had a change of heart! (Yes, I’m too chicken**** to even contemplate such heroism!!)

    If you’re able to please keep this thread alive and let us know how you get on with the Police.


    What would people think of a policy on ebay or unwritten rule that any second-hand bike products over a certain value should be sold with an original purchase receipt…?
    Is it a workable idea…?!


    i got done over at xmas, police think it was a random hit but they only took the bike and my xbox, so what they could carry, xbox was in wrapping paper as it was a birthday present 🙁 but then again this could happen anywhere, it really sucks tho, hope your ok teacake, by the way i work in evans in bristol so pop in for a chat and stuff, gordon is the name btw!


    Ground anchors and a hefty chain may have helped, if it’s the same **** **** that are attacking my garage they are not tooled up. If you can alarm your garage and install CCTV so much the better.

    IMO these **** are kids <17 and are coming from Southmead.

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    What would people think of a policy on ebay or unwritten rule that any second-hand bike products over a certain value should be sold with an original purchase receipt…?
    Is it a workable idea…?!

    This would be great but workable, not really. It would be particularly difficult with bikes as they tend to be built up in parts which then get swapped around.

    There must be hodloads of stolen stuff on eBay and Gumtree though, and someone’s buying it.


    “People who use Ebay should cut out the middle man and steal the stuff themselves.”

    My friend. Not strictly true but people are too often blinded by cheapness and don’t care about where stuff has come from – it’s so frustrating!


    I had 2 bikes pinched about 6 years ago. The thief left his own heap of cr@p behind and the police never even bothered to come round to check it for prints and asked me to place in the back of my car and drive it to the police station. No police ever came round and when I protested that I might smudge the prints on the frame etc.. he said that it wouldn’t matter.

    The next evening the thief came back and took his heap of junk away.

    My experience is they do bugger all even when they have possible evidence to identify criminals as they have more important things to do.


    I’m a JP and sitting on the Cardiff Bench. It’ll be hard to be impartial if any scumbag bike thieves stand in front of me tomorrow.

    Surely the GPS tracker idea is a winner, fool-proof way of catching the scum with the goods.
    Any reason why it wouldn’t work?


    teacake, it’s a **** horrible feeling, take it easy. Be careful as they’ll more than likely be back when they think your insurance replacements have arrived.

    I’ve family in the force and I can appreciate the s**t they go through, unfortunately shed/garage crime is way down their list — not saying its right.

    hopster, prints for shed/garage break-ins are very hard to find unless they have used something shiny/metallic I believe.


    Henleze. Keep an eye out a Costcutters in Southmead.


    Sorry to hear about your loss, and glad to hear you aren’t badly hurt.

    There may be some value in a small group of people who have had bikes nicked in the north Bristol area arranging a meeting with the Sector Inspector at Southmead Police Station.


    Oh how I swore after reading this (can’t be banned?!)

    Hope you’re. I keep my bikes inside but stupidly in the front area to see.

    Going downstairs to move them.


    Covering my boot with a cloth now so nobody see’s my bike.

    Hope you recover, insurance pays out and the scum lose their fingers.

    Dont be fooled into thinking these thefts / robberies are carried out by opportunitistic kids (or junkies, as the local bobby told me), the whole thing is too organised. It would have been a major operation to nick my 2 bikes (anchor, chains, padlocks, 6′ high gate etc). Whoever stole them knew what they were looking for, how to get them out of my property and even took 2 bikes chained together so presumably had transsport.

    That’s why this is more than “thefts from sheds” and should be taken more seriously. But, when I reported it, the first thing the officer tried to establish was exactly that, ie that it was a theft from an outbuilding, so therefore not a “burglary from a dwelling house” which the police report differently. He actually admitted as much when I explained I have a legal background and know what the definition of a burglary is.

    PS – before I place bids for expensive looking items on ebay, I ask if a receipt is available, and have often got the “I’m selling for a friend” reply.

    I’m going to watch some Peep Show to cheer myself up, knowing my bikes are relatively safe in my kitchen, then I’m going to think again about a move to Edinburgh or Keswick…..

    Premier Icon stufield

    Really sorry to hear about your loss, but how noisy was your hub if this alerted you, rather then 5 guys folding in your garage door?

    Shed Shackle / ground anchor and motorbike chain / lock should slow them down a bit once inside.
    Also these are a good idea: Light + Camera


    PS – before I place bids for expensive looking items on ebay, I ask if a receipt is available, and have often got the “I’m selling for a friend” reply.

    A friend who lives in Southmead! 😀

    harry too

    Apologies for the repeat of my previous post, but it seems that as long as the Police are showing falling statistics they are on a winner, and as far as the current SI of North Bristol is concerned all is rosy.

    The new policing Pledge:

    “There is now a Policing Pledge. It’s a new set of promises from the police on the service they should provide and every force has committed to keeping those promises.

    The police promise to listen to your concerns, act on these concerns, and then keep you informed of the progress they’ve made. Each neighbourhood will have locally agreed priorities, as agreed by the community.”

    (taken from: http://campaigns.direct.gov.uk/policingpledge/)

    Extract taken from a letter recieved from Inspector Mark Jackson, responsible for Lockleaze and Horfield wards:

    “I have commissioned some research into this issue, and there is no indication that cycle theft in North Bristol is on the increase.

    So far this financial year Burglary of peoples homes in North Bristol has reduced by 13.7% and is still falling, and overall crime has dropped by 8.9%. I am not complacent, and would always urge cycle owners to keep them locked, even if they are kept in a garage or shed.”

    So lets take the statements of the pledge one by one:

    listen to your concerns – fair play he read the original letter, well possibly the first line of it anyway.
    act on these concerns – no need burglary on the decrease.
    keep you informed of the progress they’ve made – not a hope.

    Us residents of North Bristol can sleep better tonight knowing that the problem of targetted bike theft is being addressed.

    harry too

    The fact that according to the most recent statistics Bristol has the Joint secont highest burglary rate in the country.

    Sleep well Bristol residents.

    harry too

    What I would suggest is that everyone reports their concerns to this chap:

    E-mail to me from:


    I am a police officer based with the Crime Reduction Team at Newfoundland Road Police Station. I have been tasked with reducing pedal cycle theft in the city as a result of the ‘Cycling City’ funding.

    I noted your comments and wondered if you would like to meet with me and discuss your concerns and allow me to inform you of the reduction strategy I have devised.

    I would welcome any insight and suggestions you may have.

    Please feel free to contact me to arrange a visit to the station.


    PC 1422 Frank Simonds
    Crime Reduction Officer and Crime Prevention Design Advisor
    Bristol Community Safety Department
    Newfoundland Road Police Station
    83 Newfoundland Road
    BS2 9LU.

    Go on, everyone drop him a horror story.

    harry too

    Right, bear with me on this one……

    3.0 Gepgraphy

    Just over a third (34%) of Pedal Cycle Thefts took place within the Cabot Sector. The two significant hotspot areas that are shown on the map above, are the same as those identified in the previous report, the Waterfront and Union Street. Closer analysis of these areas can be found later in the report.

    The largest proportion of Pedal Cycle Thefts take place on the street (44%), followed by gardens (16%) and houses (7%).

    (taken from report supplied to me by the Police)

    So of the 3,000 bikes stolen in Bristol over 2006 / 2008 the number taken from houses was 210! two a week!

    ………..and only 1% are ever returned.



    What would happen if I rig up my bikes with 240 Volts controlled by my house alarm?

    Seriously I have a spare pir detector and could rig this up…

    Its shitty that you got burgled, couldn’t say I would fight three guys, though I do have a crowbar in the house for a reason…I’d probably be nicked if I ever used it on a burgler..and I doubt the bastards would even get the same for nicking the sh*t to begin with.


    Well if you’re going down take them with you. 😈

    Or just rely on insurance as you can’t be replaced.

    I’d probably put my thumbs through the eyes of one so A&E and the Police have records and maybe match the DNA from my thumb nails and their eye sockets. 😈

    Sorry my Karate teacher showed me how-blame him for saddistic hatred for criminals…peace.

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