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  • smatkins1

    My reverb has started to malfunction!

    It drops a bit when I sit on it, and doesn’t return to fully height smoothly.

    Just checked the pressure, 250psi in there.

    What’s the diagnosis?

    Warranty return? Service? It’s 6months with regular use.

    It was at the end of a night ride it started to play up. I noticed the hose was in the beam of light. Are these symptoms consistent with it perhaps just needing a bleed?


    I’d bleed it and see if that sorts it. Bleeding is pretty easy. If that doesn’t sort it then return it from whence it came and ask then to send it to fishers.


    Bled it just now. No difference 🙁

    Back it goes!

    It’s a shame, this is my second reverb and I’ve been singing their praises for the last 2years because they were so reliable!


    This is normally the internal oil height that as dropped ad needs resetting.


    Had this six times this year. Each time the post went back and was replaced under warranty. The latest one has played ball so far but I’m not holding my breath

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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