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    There's a belter of a route that starts from Drumlanrig castle before heading into the Lowther hills, along the Southern Upland way, down into Wanlockhead, then a big (mostly road) climb nearly up to the radar station on Lowther Hill. There is then an ACE singletrack descent down Enterkin burn where in places the track gets extremely narrow.

    Check it out in the VG Guidebook to Scotland. Ideal weather for it now. It could be a slog if it is wet and gloopy.


    Q Trekster, he has loads of natural trail guidance and big days out.


    Planning a 3 day trip that will take in Kirroughtree, Mabie and Dalbeattie but was wondering if there are any decent natural routes nearby?

    Nowt on google as "mountain biking + dumfries" = 7stanes.


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    Hi, I`m here. Better late than never.

    The route tortoise mentions is a belter. Last time I did it took around 5hrs.

    There is then an ACE singletrack descent down Enterkin burn where in places the track gets extremely narrow.

    Oh yes it does 👿
    Starting @ Drum follow the route(?)which takes you over to the river. Follow the river track all the way to the forest edge. Enter feild and follow track to gate at road, turn right onto road. Follow road to river and then turn left, carry on till you come to a bridge which takes you onto A76. Turn right across A76(oooh errr!!). Short distance to junction for Wanlockhead/Leadhills, turn left here. Then take the Auchentaggart Farm entrance, ride through farm on track towards Sanquhar. Come to track junction, turn right and locate Southern Upland Way post. Turn left into feild and follow SupW to the top of the hill in front of you!!!!!
    Follow SupW to Wanlockhead. Top up with food and water @ cafe. Climb road up to radar dome. Before reaching top there is a track across to a view point bearing right at the end of a section of crash barrier(painter red/yellow), tak the track going down to the right. There is a gate part way down on the laft under some power/tel lines. Go through/over this gate and down the Enterkin Burn path 😆

    At the next climb there is the option of going straight on or turning left into Dalveen Farm and onto the Dalveen Pass road.

    Taking the straight on route will lead to the Dalveen Pass and Durisdeer Mill. Either follow road back to A76 and then onto Drum or take road into Durisdeer and follow back roads back to Drum.

    If taking the Dalveen Farm option(mine)then after going down through the farm and reaching the Dalveen Pass Rd turn left onto nice smooth main road. ride for approx 3mls till you come to a corner with a mast on the right beside a felled area of forest. take this track which will lead you onto the old Roman Rd descending into Durisdeer 😆 😆
    As above follow roads back to Drum.

    Catch breathe and enjoy.

    That is one of a few variations in them thar hills.

    OS 78 Nithsdale is your friend 😆

    If doing Dalbeattie you can add the coastal path to the route via colvend to Portling, along coastal path to Rockcliffe(good cafe)and then into Kipford, out onto main rd(turn left)to barnbarroch and back into forest at brown walkers post. lots of local trails hidden just of main trail 😆

    Mabie. you can add on a few miles by heading out to Waterloo Monument above New Abbey via Troston and Shambellie forests onto New Abbey/Beeswing road an turn left into fish farm/forest access track and onwards/upwards to monument.Descend from monument :lol:and into New Abbey via farm/sawmill track. turn left and left again along New Abbey/Beeswing road and return via Shambellie/Troston forests as per outward route(other options available).

    Another option is to do what forge & I did on Sat, get the train to Sanquhar and ride back to Dumfries, 50-60mls depending on which route you choose 😈

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