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  • chunkypaul

    heads up for those with Home/Contents insurance with the Nationwide BS and have their bikes covered under this policy (bikes worth over £2k)

    guess what? not only will the premiums go up 15% in September but the level of cover in their renewal policy has been reduced – any bike worth over £2k won’t be covered away from home now (which is why i used them in the first place)

    beginning to think the BS stands for bull shit after this mornings discussion with their insurance “advisor”

    me – so i note in my home inurance renewal my premiums are going up
    advisor – yes sir, thats due to the expensive bikes on your ‘listed items schedule’
    me – nothing has changed and my premiums have been going down every year
    advisor – we now only provide cover for pedal cycles worth up to £2k away from the home sir
    me – soooo, my premums are going up and the cover reduced and you want me to renew…?
    advisor – er… yes sir

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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