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  • oldgit

    Long and short of it, is that a nasal drip has been causing regular coughs.
    Just got over a three month bout.
    I’m to try a nasal spray, but today the doctor suggested strips.
    A quick Google skim suggests they have no effect and fall off.
    I have a thrice broken nose and have ended up with a deviated….thingy.
    Anyone use these things?


    Strips are brilliant but expensive. My steroid spray did nowt in the long term.

    Deviated septum, disconnected cartilage, broken twice. You know the script.

    It’s a cold weather bogey fest for me and I forget about it in the summer.

    I suppose you could DIY menthol strips though somehow.


    I’ve got same problems along with asthma which aggravates the cough. I take a sudafed (blocked nose and sinus one) in the morning before I leave and it seems to help enormously.


    I use breathe right strips and buy em from eBay sellers.
    They work a treat for me, the tan ones are better for staying put than the clear ones.

    Tried the breath right strips ….didn’t stay put after a couple of miles …..sudafed nasal spray was much better though …


    Broken nose which needed to be cortorised left me with a constant drip which makes me cough. I use nasonex steroids now to reduce polyps which causes the problems.

    I use menthel chewing gum that clears them and stops me coughing.

    I was also thinking about the nose strips as only one nostril fully works.

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    I breathe through my mouth courtesy of a congenitaly blocked septum. I occasionaly eat a bit of mud and am waiting to catch a bee.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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