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  • NAS storage, cloud backup, fun for all
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    – My laptop is full
    – My Western Digital MyBook Live is a hateful piece of shite and the security issues of late have condemned it utterly. Can’t wait ’til I can yeet it in to the bonfire along with my hopes and dreams.
    – My second backup is a mini USB hard disk that lives in… a drawer? I’m not sure.

    I want

    – NAS to act as backup for main docs that will live on the laptop
    – NAS to act as main store for some photos
    – redundant drive on the NAS would be sensible I suppose.
    – I think I also should back up to ThE clOUd
    – Maybe add some IP cameras for home eventually. Cable or wifi? Dunno.

    Was going to get
    Synology DS220+ as it would seem to be faster than the cheaper Synology and can do the camera stuff?
    2x4TB Seagate discs.
    Some online stuff like Backblaze? It’s what my mate uses and he says it’s ok.

    Tell me I’m wrong?

    Love you guys.

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    If you have less than 1TB then just buy a Microsoft Office365 sub and get on with something else.  It works very well as even if your laptop has less that 1TB, Microsoft Windows will work out how to swap the stuff you haven’t used for a while out to the cloud and keep the more recent stuff on board.  If you have multiple computers (and phones) then they all sync to the same cloud so you have the same files everywhere.  Difficult to beat.

    If you have a lot more data then Synology works very well.  Synology hybrid Raid is great as if a disk dies (and it will), just just buy a new one and slam it in – nothing is lost.  If the Synology NAS dies then you can take the drives out and put them into a new Synology NAS and it appears to still work (I’ve got 3 Synology NAS’s at work and both the NAS and drives have failed and no stress, it’s fantastic)

    but…. and many people will tell you this…. remember that the NAS is not the backup.  If you have a house fire and your NAS and computer are there then you have lost everything.  You still need to backup to another drive and store it elsewhere.  Fortunately an 8TB USB drive isn’t so expensive

    Also, if you are hit by ransomware and your NAS is permanently connected to your computer then your NAS is toast as well, so a pair of backup USB drives as well is better

    Or just Office365 online 🙂

    Premier Icon Caher
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    My NAS is an old WD MyCloud (as I play my music library to Sonos) and backed up to PCloud.

    Premier Icon TheDTs
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    Anybody want a WD my cloud ex4? It has drives in but need to wipe them.

    Premier Icon jca
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    I use backblaze to backup my freenas setup and it works well. It costs me a few $US per month, and supports encrypted buckets and snapshots (so i.e. if you get hit by ransomeware and overwrite your data with an encrypted version, you can step back to an older copy).

    Beware that while it is cheap to backup to and use routinely, but download charges are considerably higher, although if you need to and can afford it they will ship you your data on a hard-disk. The time to establish an initial backup can also be huge over a domestic assymetric broadband connection (where your upload bandwidth is typically 10% of your download bandwidth), but once you’ve got the initial copy in place then routine updates are typically reasonably quick.

    Edited to add:
    You can setup multiple different backups of different targets, so don’t have to backup the whole NAS. I have separate backups for separate NAS folders i.e. photos, music etc.

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    @caher – there have been emails from Western Digital and news stories abound but the WD MyCloud has a security flaw and should be removed from your network immediately. Your files can be accessed by anyone.

    – thanks for the suggestions. straight online backup is a thought, but I would also maybe like to use the NAS as a primary store for music and video (i.e. stuff I’ve collected or ripped from physical media) that doesn’t necessarily need backed-up and could be accessed from TV, ipads, etc.

    I then want to backup on to the interwebs.

    for reference, Office 365 is £60 p/a which gets you 1 TB & office apps too. currently we use Google apps and LibreOffice.

    I think I’m pushing over 1 TB including all my photos, which do need a little cull but there’s ain’t enough hours i the day to sort out all the flotsam in my life.

    Backblaze is unlimited for $60 p/a.

    /edit – more replies while I was typing.

    yeah I don’t expect initial uploads to be fast, but come December I can escape from my average Plusnet connection and get Zen FTTP. mmmmmmm.

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    Backblaze is unlimited for $60 p/a.

    that specifically excludes a NAS I think – I don’t think they do NASs on their domestic tier.

    I have a Synology DS918+ (4 bay) and I use it for everything you describe – it houses my media library, and acts as a plex server to play it all on various devices, it backs up a couple of laptops, and does a few other things too.

    I’ve also got a QNAP raid enclosure to do a local backup of my nas. Don’t let anyone talk you into buying a QNAP over a Synology – they are cheaper, but the Synology is well worth paying a bit extra for, it just a much more refined product, both in terms of hardware and software.

    My Synology just sits their chugging away, doing what it’s supposed to do – very occasionally it sends me an email to say one of it’s drives is failing, but it’s literally just a case of putting a new one in and a few clicks.

    It’s one of the few bits of electronics I’ve bought that I’m 100% happy with.

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    Loving my DS220+ with 2*4TB discs. Whole pile of file shares, then instead of backing up to the cloud, I’m backing up the cloud back to my NAS, got it setup that if a file is deleted in the cloud it isn’t on my NAS. To protect against malware I’m running hourly snapshots of the BTRFS filesystem that take up hardly any space, and allow me to restore easily, the snapshots I’ve got setup with a retention policy so it isn’t a silly amount of them.

    Expanded it to the allowed 6GB of RAM, allegedly it’ll work with more, but the Intel CPU according to Intel only supports the 6GB.

    I run docker on it with Pi-Hole for DNS ad-blocking.

    WD Cloud I had one before this, but glad I got rid of it before the recent attacks.

    Bloody impressed with the software on it, the speed and ease of use. One big tip be wary of running the Anti-Virus package on it, if setup incorrectly it’ll be scanning on every single file change, thereby thrashing your discs.

    Premier Icon simon_g
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    DS220+ is what I’ve got. Lots of file shares, Plex server, docker containers for pihole and unifi, ftp server, little windows VM for a few bits, couple of security cameras, runs it all nicely.

    I use OneDrive anyway but use the synology software to also push some important stuff (photos, etc) from the nas to there too. I wouldn’t want just nas, but I wouldn’t want just to rely on cloud either.

    Premier Icon DezB
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    Don’t let anyone talk you into buying a QNAP over a Synology – they are cheaper, but the Synology is well worth paying a bit extra for, it just a much more refined product, both in terms of hardware and softwar

    On my 2nd QNap after upgrading. Find it perfect for what I need Backup/Sync/media player/Plex etc.
    After my brother and myself both lost disks to Synology NAS’s I switched and wouldn’t go back.

    Premier Icon bridges
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    A friend of mine does small scale data storage solutions for small businesses, home workers etc, and recommends Synology. He’s installed loads in various places. QNap are ok, and he says WD are ok for basic home use where you don’t need a remote access service. He actually uses the more basic DS218J in his own home.

    After my brother and myself both lost disks to Synology NAS’s I switched and wouldn’t go back.

    Isn’t that the problem with the discs, rather than the NAS’s?

    Premier Icon stumpy01
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    I’ve got a QNAP NAS and find most of it’s functionality absolutely baffling, if I’m honest.

    – I’ve set-up mapped network drives to it on my laptop, that was pretty easy.
    – I’ve got back-ups scheduled to a USB HDD which was also pretty easy, although at least twice now a firmware update had messed up the back-up path so I’ve had to go back in & re-do them.
    – QSYNC is good – basically all the photo’s I take on my phone get automatically synced to the NAS drive. Every 6 months or so, I copy them from the QSYNC folder to the photo folder & then can delete them all from the phone if storage starts to get iffy.

    But, I’ve given up all the other stuff. I had the intention of creating albums etc. to share with family but I find the whole networking thing beyond my understanding/patience.
    You need to be an IT networking wizard to do any of it. IP addresses, DHCP this that & the other, port forwarding something and then everything you look at online warns you that if you open the NAS up to the world, it will be hacked & you’ll be stuffed.

    I am tempted to try a Synology NAS at some point & see if it’s any better. I think you can try the software out on their website first, so it’s quite easy to compare the two interfaces.

    Premier Icon susepic
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    Synology for sure. Had a western digital sentinel, but it expired. Decided to go for a D718 running 8Tb for main storage, and backing up to a D218 also 8Tb.
    For me it was logically easier to do this than the RAID settings on a single 4 bay system.
    I back up the 218 to a large USB drive which i swap on a monthly basis.
    The Synology interface is so much easier to use than the WD interface.
    I could make it accessible over the web, but don’t bother
    Use this mostly for photos and document archive.
    Run Windows 365 in the cloud for live work projects

    Premier Icon Alex
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    I use my Syntology NAS (2xtb mirrored) for

    – mac backup via time machine (including photos)

    – shared drives

    – gopro raw files and renders

    – pihole (via docker)

    – dhcp

    It takes a bit of getting used to and some of the phone apps (I’m looking at you moments) are terrible. But It works brilliantly with time machine and all the other stuff. I only run the standard security stuff but I don’t allow external access to the NAS.

    Also backup all my pics / docs on ICLOUD and random shares also in google and one drive. I I lost the NAS/Macs I’d probably lose something but all the important stuff is in two locations off the machines.

    Premier Icon P-Jay
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    If anyone needs an 8TB back-up solution, they don’t need a NAS, they need a councillor for their hording issues. 😉

    Join the 21st Century guys.

    Premier Icon bridges
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    If anyone needs an 8TB back-up solution, they don’t need a NAS, they need a councillor for their hording issues


    As for 8TB; if you’re doing video/high res photo work, you do need a lot of storage. There’s 4k, 6k and even 8k video cameras out there now, producing massive RAW video files (1 hour of 4k RAW footage is around 110GB). 40, 50+ MP cameras are producing image file sizes of 60+Mb, so someone with many years’ worth of footage/photos might need considerably more storage than someone just doing Excel/Word type stuff.

    Join the 21st Century guys.

    We did already, grandad. ;D

    Premier Icon DezB
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    they need a councillor for their hording issues. 😉

    True in my case… can you recommend a counsellor for such issues?

    Isn’t that the problem with the discs, rather than the NAS’s?

    Could be, but had no such issues in 10+ years with Qnap kit. But if Synology is better, go for Synology, no skin off my scrotum! 😆

    Premier Icon captmorgan
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    Lots of great suggestions here especially those that have said don’t rely on just nas or cloud but ensure you nas is backed up off site

    The piece everyone has missed so far is testing the backups if you don’t, how can you trust your data will be available when you suffer a restore event?

    Depending how many months/weeks/days of data you are comfortable losing if the backups fail is the period you do restore tests, pick a file created or edited in that period and confirm you can restore it.

    If you have multiple backup jobs then test each one, once you are comfortable that backups and restores work consider if you can lower the frequency of the tests

    Premier Icon prettygreenparrot
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    I had a DS414. Worked well but seemed too slow in the past year or so. Got a DS1520+. Much more responsive.

    using a NAS as a primary storage for music, video, and photos works well. Except if you use lightroom and have the originals on the NAS and the catalog on your computer. Too slow. I now use a 2TB external SSD for my originals and run a regular carbon copy cloner job to copy them to the NAS.

    The Synology DS Video/ VideoStation apps are good. And in recent years their metadata has gotten a bit better. On occasion I’d spot titles that seemed unlikely to be part of my collection. That happens less often now.

    backblaze is a great service. It will back up external drives. It will not back up network volumes or NASs on the regular backblaze subscription. For that you need their B2 service.

    Premier Icon Sandwich
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    I use both QNAP (home) and Synology (work) and they both work well. If you’re planning to run a media streaming server on the NAS make sure your home wi-fi network will be able to cope with the throughput or cable it to the TV.

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