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  • It’s lighter than a single ring and guide.
    It costs less than a standard single ring and guide.
    Seems to keep the chain on as well as a guide so far.
    Less places to clog with mud than a guide.
    Easier to clean/remove/fit the chain than when you have a guide.
    Fewer moving parts, less bits to break than a guide.
    Chain and frame stay cleaner because there’s no guide to gather gunk.

    As ideas go, it’s a very good one indeed.

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    I do wonder why no one thought of it before.

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    They did, its been around ages. Just SRAM claimed they invented it and had the cash to market it.

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    I have one in the post. Will be using it 1×9 and am intrigued at how well its going to work.

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    First ride with NW done today and I am impressed so far. Much tidier than front mech or guide. And lighter too.


    I want to know if a narrow wide chainring will still keep the chain on so well when it starts to wear?

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    Running a Works 32t in a 1×9 setup. Not lost the chain from any bouncing about, but a mud-covered chain comes off when back-pedalling even half a turn. Shifted a bb spacer to the non-drive side so we’ll see what happens next time.


    Its all foreign to me, how does it actually keep the chain on?


    9 spd chain is a looser fit plus no clutch mech which is why I guess it doesn’t work as well.


    I’ve been running 36t narrow wide ring and SRAM 10speed clutch mech for a while now. Not a single problem so far and as it stands I wont go back to a chainguide.

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    How do they work 9 speed?
    Considering options for the old HT, currently set up 1×9 with an old MRP chain guide that rubs and is impossible to set up (crap chainline means cant get top lowest gear easily no matter what I do at rear) plus looks out of place and ugly
    Option 1 is keep 1×9 but with a thick thin ring
    Option 2 is to single speed (which I fancy trying but could still do after getting the thick-thin ring)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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