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  • marco

    Hi all
    So which one is best?
    Race Face, Blackspire, Works components?
    Like Race Face but are they all pretty much the same?

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    Blackspire mono veloce n/w has slightly taller teeth with machining similar to the original design, whether this makes one jot of difference I have no idea but I can tell you that it works just fine

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    I like the mud-relief scalloping on the Blackspire. I don’t think it’ll actually make any difference tbh but it’s a really nice detail. Also I think they dispense with the need for half of the chainring bolts so could be lighter.

    But mine is Works- UK made and the first of the 10-speed rings.


    You missed vectiox Cheapest at £30


    You also missed e-13 & Gamut are launching one.

    I’ve had a RF one for 2 rides now and no sign of it dropping the chain yet. First ride was a mix of conditions, pretty mucky but lots of natural loamy trails in the woods with loads of rocks, roots and steps and stuff. Second ride was Gisburn and its a success if there aren’t any dropped chains on the rocky, blown up, flow sapping trails there*.

    Very impressed to be honest. I can understand the logic of narrow/wide stuff but was very sceptical. Whats not to like about it!

    * not all the trails there, just the stuff from the top of the Hope line all the way back around to the middle of the 8!


    Absolute Black too

    I’ve got one of these. It does the job very well. No chain droppage with a clutch mech so far.


    Heard rumours that On One will have one soon??

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    I’ve got a Hope Retainer in 36T. Not actually fitted it yet but its a nice thing to hold.

    Not that that’s very useful to you…

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    The Gamut ones are supposed to land in a few weeks, they’ll be hard anodized (a la Renthal) so should last a bit longer than standard rings.

    They’re a bit cheaper too, £39.99 in all sizes.


    My Works one is coming up to 8 months old now – will be replacing it now the winter seems to be out..

    I follow Works on Facebook and It looks like they have a £30 one on the way – spot on, why faff with hard ano etc when this is £15 cheaper… plus my last works one is arguably still fine after 8 months of riding in slop.

    Made in the UK, not some massive Taiwanese factory, see:

    Im getting a real thing for trying to buy british at the moment but I want a 30T for the other bike and they don’t do one so off to hope for that….


    Works components it is thenA

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    Is everybody running these with clutch mechs?


    yes.. i am at least

    here’s a pic of the blackspire vs the raceface one.

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    Support UK that’s all I have to say..hey that rhymes.


    Works (as I like British too) and an RF bought with bday crc vouchers…no dropped chains with either.

    Defo prefer the works lack of emblazoned graphics.

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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