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  • Swooped in last minute and bought this ebay baby. Bought for the fact that its all-mountain but suspect I bought it mainly because its a sweet Yeti which so far is proving correct. It was advertised as a 575 only but when I’ve checked it out it also has an “as-r” decal on it. The frame is old but the shop didn’t know how old it was. The Yeti site only shows the new shape 575 and an AS-R frame which looks suprisingly identical. Can anyone shed some light on this. Main reason for wanting to know is so I can tell people what bike it is rather than stuttering and getting a red face. Any informed suggestions and or jealous comments are welcome.

    looks like an older shaped 5.75, they are practically the same (as an as-r), difference is travel,

    going on it having pikes, i’d say its the 5.75.

    Yeah thats my thought. It has a DSX AIR 5.0 rear shock which threw my a little. Cheers


    ’tis an ’05 575, pre-metal head tube badge.

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    The older frame was called an ASR575 as oppossed to the ASR-sl (super light) with the shorter travel IIRC.

    See and click on Biography FS (I can’t get a direct link) for more nerdyness

    thanks. the nerdyness has relieved me like nothing else could. it is a 575 for the fact that the cable housings are on the down tube not the top. Brilliant! I and my very bored girlfriend will sleep soundly tonight.


    how much did you pay for ot out fo curiosity.

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    They said AS-R on the frames right up until the old model was phased out in 2007.

    Looks like a nice one.

    A poultry £1110.00. Rides likes a sweet baby. Can’t seem to notice much difference between this and my hard-tail. Accelerates nicely too. Just need to shed my winter fat stores to discover its bets results.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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