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  • bigsi

    Have you considered a Yeti DJ?

    Ok so it’s not a full susser but its a very capable bike & a mate of mine who’s 6’5″ rides his all the time whichout any trouble on all sorts of different terrain including XC blasts & light downhill.

    Just an idea


    Hahaha typical STW: A guys asks for an opinion on one bike and gets recommended a completely different bike.

    I know a guy who used a Rampant for all the things you are talking about, and a lot more. However, I think buying a Banshee with bushings these days is a bit of a gamble, due to some problems with the tolerances.


    Sorry for trying to help mikey perhaps you should get here quicker next time 🙄

    You wont be able to get the saddle high enough for efficient pedalling, thats for sure!


    Sorry to digress but… It might be too much travel, but I’m selling a 21″ Cove G spot if you’d be interested. Pedallable, DH able for sure, and I’m 6’5″


    Blimey, i’ve got long legs (39/40″) for my height (6’7″) but having legs that long at ‘only’ 6’3″?????

    For once i don’t feel like such a freak……… 😉

    If it’s just for play and not for proper pedalling i’m sure you’ll be fine, i built up a jump bike from a 16″ frame last year and it was fine for it’s intended purpose.

    As someone says above, I;d steer clear of Mythic until they sort the whole bushing/alignment thing.

    Blur TRc might suit, might not suit the wallet though.

    Orange have a similar bike, is it the Blood?


    Hi Guys,

    I’m just in the process of speccing up a new play bike, and have got my mind set on a Banshee/Mythic Rampant. Most of what I ride is fairly smooth short-course UK downhill – so a light, short travel playful bike is what I’m after. The Rampant fits the bill nicely.

    However, I’m fairly tall (6’3″) and have silly long legs (39″ inside leg). Is there anyone here tall like me who owns a Rampant? And what are your experiences? It’s that never ever-ending compromise when you are tall and want a play bike – how do you get something small and fun, that isn’t, well, too small!?

    Occasionally I like to go to a trail centre and have a proper pedal around. Again, people say that the Rampant makes a great trail bike by putting the seat up and swapping out a long stem. But again, any of these people tall like me? Am I going to get any kind of decent leg extension on a bike like this?

    Any advice (from real life experience!) is much appreciated.




    Hi Guys, thanks for the input. I have a dodgy ankle, which is why I’m going for short travel, just need that bit of give. My mate rides a DJ, I love it but the stiffness would destroy my ankle in about 5 mins!

    Thanks for the input on height stuff…and for calling me a freak 😉

    I guess I’ll bite the bullet, build the bike so it will work best for the majority of my riding, and deal with the compromise (eg sore thighs) for the occasion when I take it on long distance rides.

    As for the bad bushing situation, it’s probably worth spreading some good praise for Mythic and dispelling the bad press. They have had bushing issues with the Rune and Spitfire, which are being sorted for next years model. The other models are all good and built really well… When a small company can be honest about problems/mistakes, I have a lot of respect for that!

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