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    My Hope 4 Vision is 2 years old. It started to give battery low flashes when it was fully charged and would cut out occasionally. I suspected a broken connection in the battery fly lead. I emailed them and explained, they replied same day and asked me to send it back. I did and got it back within 7 days fixed foc. I'm a happy bunny and think they deserve recognition for excellent CS which, to be fair, they don't have to provide. It would appear that you really do get what you pay for.


    Was going to start a thread on this but you've saved me the trouble. Sent something back on Thursday, again it was a couple of years old. Received it back fully working today, along with some fittings to replace bits that I'd lost. No charge for anything. It is that kind of customer service that encourages you to buy more of their kit! Well done Hope 🙂

    They're the best.

    That's nothing guy's
    My hope vision 4 (2 1/2 years old) light battery was not working for last thursday's night ride (gutted) so I rung them Friday morning and explained i was willing to pay for repairs because it was a long way past the 12 month warranty, they said fill in returns form and send back to them which I posted Friday afternoon.I got home from work today to find a parcel containing the light with brand new battery F.O.C. Now that is customer service it makes me proud to be British
    P.S. Thanks hope


    Actually, now I've looked at it, I think it might be a new battery too! Thanks Hope, it was great to have it back on the bars for a blast around the woods tonight. That Cateye Tripleshot modded with P4s that seemed to be the mutts nuts not long ago just doesn't compare there days! 🙂

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