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  • My Samsung Slimfit 32 in CRT Wont turn on :(
  • My TV is just over 2 years old and Ive had no issues with it at all, it was working last night and i turned it off and didn’t leave it on standby. this morning i went to turn it on and all that happens is the little red orange standby light now shines amber/orange so power is obviously going to the TV… but no noises of the tube warming up no buss nothing..
    Ive tried all the obvious things unplugging it for ages turning it back on changing the batteries in the remote!
    its out of warranty so the next thing i can do is take the back off and look for some internal fuse. so has anyone else had similar experiences with this TV?



    does it have a built in tuner?

    unplug everything, turn it off, leave it off for ten minutes, turn it on with nothing plugged in?

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    yeah!! TV upgrade time. 😉

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    i take it it’s getting to the standby point then?
    so basically what you’re saying is that you don’t get the ‘gurdang!’ noise when the tube fires up?
    usually you can get them out of standby by hitting the channel + button on the tv itself, as well as using the remote, so try that. this works on our tv, though the remote will no longer bring it to life for some reason – works otherwise. otherwise unplugging overnight might get you going again, but it’s in the post. often this sort of fault is caused by dry solder joints, so it might be worth chucking a few quid at it, getting someone to take a look. if something as simple as that fixes it it’s unlikely to fail in the same manner again.

    i don’t think its actually going to into standby, the little LED on the front would normally be red but now its found this other amber colour.. so its obviously trying to tell me something!
    but ive given up googleing for a solution

    Anyone know of a cheap tv repair man in sheffield?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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