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  • My oven has gone pop – recommend me a new one please
  • Eye Level, double Oven, Electric only, self Cleaning, normal 600mm width

    What brands are good?
    What brands are bad?
    What features to look for?
    Quality is more important than cost but lets keep it sensible,

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    Well from experience with my own companies products: Whirlpool arnt that reliable and there customer service is deplorable, we have now taken on Electrolux and in the 3 months we have been selling them they have proved to be reliable and the one occasion a product has gone wrong they were fast to respond and quick to rectify. To put it into context we have sold a couple of thousand units in the 3 months we have been selling electrolux.

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    Really happy with our AEG, well made, even temperature inside, and looks great !


    Ours when pop I replaced the element at the back for £25 (it was very easy)

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    make your own


    Neff circotherm, yes they're not cheap but I've been using them for years and never had one breakdown. They do everything well in my experience

    I seem to remember Neff circotherm don't get crackling crispy and cakes don't brown properly.

    Aga – I may ride a SS but I am not a luddite.

    Replace elemet – Thought about it but the thermostat has gone as well which is another £30 and the grill is on its way out. Getting to the age where it is not worth repairing.

    check out gorenje

    the same company make smeg stuff under license, but the gorenje stuff is cheaper and less ****. our one goes up to 275°C (makes amazing pizza) and reaches that temp very quickly. the grill is also really good

    i stuck a thermocouple in there (because i'm a nerd) and found that the temperature is accurate within about 5°C anywhere in the oven

    we like it (and my missus cooks for a living!)

    it was about £300 IIRC


    Avoid SMEG. They look nice but are not very good. Regardless of ours costing in the region of £600 it has been pretty flakey.


    We are buying a double oven soon. Neff, Bosch, Siemens are all the same company. We're going for a Neff, as we have had one before and liked it.

    As to self cleaning, everyone we have spoken to has said don't get the one's that use intense heat to burn off the crap as they don't work and cost alot in electricity.


    I'd second the SMEG comment – ours has been terrible. I've had to replace the fan elements 4 times, both door hinges and door seal. Currently both fan elements have gone again and so has the grill. Won't be touching them with a bargepole again.


    Go for a Bosh or Neff very good for the money and go on for ages.
    Miele top dollar but can go wrong with the above two companys


    miele or siemens
    end of thread

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