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  • My nuts are slipping out of control!
  • Premier Icon jimmers

    I’ve had enough of track nuts on my Spesh Tricross SS. I had the bike in fixie mode this morning, 5 other commuters lined up as the traffic lights turned green. Cue commuter racing;

    -explode like a coiled spring to the front of the accelerating bunch
    -my nuts slip
    -wheel gets jammed against the chainstay
    -wheel locks up
    -bike comes to a abrupt halt
    -and so does the bus, thankfully, not more than half a metre from my back wheel
    -sh!t@ myself
    -look bloody ridiculous whilst carrying said bike on shoulder to somewhere inconspicuous
    -phoned missus to bring a 15mm spanner in the car as I couldn’t even walk anywhere with the bike

    I also use the bike for off roading with a normal freewheel so I am forever turning the wheel round. On my Inbred I’ve a QR axle and Tugnut which works great.

    Is it possible to swap the solid 120mm axle for a hollow one and fit a QR + chaintug for reduced faff and peace of mind?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    could you not just use a tugnut with the existing axle?


    buy a chaintug
    cheap bmx one would probaly do too.

    would have loved to hear that phonecall!!

    Premier Icon jimmers

    I didn’t get too far from home so she didn’t mind! The hardest part was explaining where the spanner was amongst all my bike crap that’s in the garage.

    Aye, I could use a chain tug with the existing axle, just wandered if it’s possible to cut down on the amount of tools I need to carry (or not in this cass…). Plus it’s an excuse to take something apart, again.


    “no dear, a spanner, shiny with a loop on one end and a fork bit on the other, in the middle it’ll have a number – i need the number 15 one”

    i’d not trust a quick release on a fixed

    you need a nice small surly spanner


    Premier Icon jimmers

    Thom, I guess that’s common sense talking there…

    I had used a 6inch spanner to tighten the nuts, and it still sliped. Surly spanner and a cheapo chaintug to order me thinks.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I have a spanner taped (and concealed) to the top tube of my ratbike with black pva tape (on a black frame) so that whereever I am I have the tool for the job but dont have to lug around metalwork. My mini-pump (with quick patches in the lid of it) lives in the bottom of my bag.

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