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  • My new toy…
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    Very nice looking van at a great price too. If you haven’t already join the t5 forum there is lots of information and handy if you do get any issues or questions (chances are it’s been covered on there).

    I’ve got an older t5 (2004) and wouldn’t be without it really easy to live with.

    On a t5 the load rating is denoted by the t26, t28, t30 or t32. Each one relates to the gross vehicle weight.
    T26 = 2600kg
    T28 = 2800kg
    T30 = 3000kg
    T32 = 3200kg.

    Most common are t28 and t30s. All bar the t32 share the same chassis setup just with different spring rates to allow for more payload. T32s have a completely different front suspension setup.

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    Cheers – its a T28, but it shifts!

    I am on the forum (citizen_fishy) – it’s a great source of info but it’s confusing to navigate!

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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