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  • My new stealth build…
  • but I can clearly see it.

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    but I can clearly see it.

    Duh! You have to wait for the rapeseed crop to grow…

    its pretty fast round the local roads

    What a waste of a lovely bike. 🙂

    Nice – looks steep at the front though – and even steeper in downhill mode 😕


    This is one of those special black stealth bikes isn’t it?…


    67 degrees with the 160 fork. The frame is warrantied for 180 forks too so its steeper in 160. Shame really because the bike feels really balanced at 160. I’m taking it to Cwmcarn or BP wales in the next month but I think there will be an angleset in soon to sort the old hat geo


    nice bike that! 😉


    Class bike, I’ve had mine six months and I’m still in love, the way it scrambles up some things is shocks me sometimes.
    Enjoy 8)


    It was all going so well until I had to choose frame colour, and yes hoses need trimming, gears need adjusting and the garden needs a sweep.
    Downhill mode:

    First impressions – Really stiff, suspension is plush and its pretty fast round the local roads. Weighs in at a smidge over 30lb but theres plenty of weight to be lost in tyres, new pikes, tubeless and groupset

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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