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    After much internal debate and lots of lurking on this site I took the plunge and purchased this 2nd hand Heckler frame of the Bay of E,

    More lurking and taking choice bits of advice and knowledge from the STW hive mind I have created this…

    (Reverb hose had to be shortened again, after I took the bike out of the bike stand – d’oh)

    Built by my own fair hand with 2×10 XT (, 2012 XT Brakes (Rose bikes), Reverb (bike, 150mm Revelations, Hoop Hoops (tubeless), Blackspire Stinger and bash.

    Pictures taken on 1st shakedown ride before taking it out round Ladybower yesterday.

    It’s the first FS I’ve owned and I’m loving it. It replaces my faithful Carrera Fury that has been doing sterling service in and around the peaks for the last 2 years…

    Thanks for the advice and help you’ve unknowingly given me 😀


    Looks good, enjoy gettin it muddy…


    Looks great, you’ll have a hoot on that.


    Good job. Looks ace.


    Very classy. Particularly the orange dust caps on the valves. How on earth did you find a saddle with an orange hull?

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    That’s the Wiggle special edition Spoon saddle isn’t it?

    Really nice bike… I’d have said the bars would be too much, if I hadn’t seen it.

    Love the Heckler, I ride a 2006 also in orange. They are Tonka toys! 😀


    I hope you are going to get Wiggle team kit to match!

    Continental do the orange dust caps on their tubes. Also, the Schraeder type have fully threaded stems and lock nuts like Presta type which is a real plus IMO.
    No one else get excited about this type of thing?… No?… Ah well, back in my box then.

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    The bars are too much, needs orange rims tho if u keep ’em

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    Thanks for the comments.

    The saddle is indeed the Wiggle edition Charge Spoon.

    I know the bars are going to be a bit marmite but they were a real bargain from CRC and I figured I’d be messing round with bars and stem length so the we’re worth a punt. I think I like though.

    black bars and you have a winner!!
    my old heckler was ace..


    The bars look nice IMHO but I’d go for black grips 🙂

    le singe

    V nice, agree with black bars tho. Think I may have seen you climbing up Rowlee Farm with a group of 4 or 5, with a guy in a red top steaming to the top? The bars caught my eye while climbing if it was you haha


    Love it, superb effort.

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