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  • sharki

    nice one red.
    Nacho, the word work implies doing something for financial gain.
    Therefore I don’t work in either.
    But have a passion for wildlife that means wanting more than just the visual impact that a species has on me. I want more from it, I wish to know more, and learn from watching their behavior and also from reading about them. Although I lack the confidence to be a wildlife or field guide, I do know that knowledge can enthuse others about a subject more than an image alone will ever.
    As for the photography, I just aim to take images that show a species in a way that best demonstrates its intricate detail, with the most natural look possible.
    It takes hours or patience, failed attempts and frustration. And all for person knowledge gain and being able to share it all with those less privileged or aware enough so see things as I do.

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    saw three deer on my commute on monday, one on it’s own, thought I was pretty lucky to see him, then two more a few minutes down the trail. Lovely. Couple months ago saw a kingfisher again on my commute, first one I’ve seen. Lots of squirrels and rabbits, seen a fox once, last year, no (live) badgers or snakes tho.

    oh and nice pics everyone 🙂


    Yessum, that is a good snap of the Swallow – bloomin’ hard to get, I would imagine.

    I’m going to muscle-in on your thread, Sharki, if that’s okay. I have a few pics I’d like to share as well as a caterpillar you might be able to identify for me.


    great stuff 😀

    i have been lucky enough to see quite a few wild animals whilst cycling over the years.

    everything from a barn owl flying over my head during the day whilst i was descending pewsey vale,to 10 sightings (yes 10!) of kingfishers whilst cycling to bath on k & a canal (i think it was more like 7 different ones tbh,as i saw 3 at the same spots not all together).

    i also saw the whole towpath at caen hill locks devizes covered with frogs/toads one night (i had to get off my bike and walk between them) there were literally thousands of the little dudes all chilling out 😀

    i always feel very lucky when i see wildlife 🙂


    They’re not of the same quality as yours as I need to get myself a DSLR at some point.

    Here’s a couple of dragonflies from last year…

    A Scorpion Fly…

    …caught doing its thing. It’s eating the other fly, not doing what you thought (sorry for the blur, it wouldn’t stay still)…

    Here’s the Muntjac that visits daily for a snack…

    You can see his scent glands under the eye in this shot. There are two more above the eyes in-line with the vertical dark hair markings – about two inches long – though I’ve never seen him use them, just opened whilst stretching…

    Some weird wildlife. Some fungi stuff on a lump of oak…

    …and here’s the caterpillar. For a size reference, it’s sat on a car tyre…

    Any idea what wonderful beast it morphs into…?


    Sharki, your enthusiasm for the subject is fantastic, as is your photography, thanks for sharing both. One of the joys of what we do is what we see on the way.


    Excellent, as always.

    Sharkis photos remind me of a guy I know who’s a prison governor & used to be my boss. Really nice guy (for a governor) & must be the most patient person I know of (apart from Sharki) He took these…

    Dolphins by jimmyg352, on Flickr

    Red Squirrel by Andy Crofts by jimmyg352, on Flickr

    Red Grouse by Andy Crofts by jimmyg352, on Flickr

    Bearded tit by jimmyg352, on Flickr


    Teasel. I can’t name the larva. Many are hairy, but that’s really hairy. I first thought it was a form of tussock moth larva, but they have more tufts along it’s back and are generally yellow/green. Maybe a Tiger moth or sorts but not any of the UK’s native species. I’m away from my moth book, so might have to come back to this.

    And very Jealous of the Muntjac.

    Qwerty, thanks. How’s the roof?

    Essel, i recognise the Red Grouse and Bearded tit images. The red grouse one is exceptional and really works.

    If in Brum for a few days and aren’t really getting my fix. I didn’t bring my DSLR and time in the outdoors is spent with a dog. Which just doesn’t work well with wildlife. Still a nice wander around Sutton Park today.


    Excellent work fella keep it up!


    interesting encounter yesterday… disturbed what I thought was a pigeon on a fast descent and it appeared as it sped off to lose it’s tail which odd cause it was dark brown. Turning round to investigate it turned out I disturbed a Sparrowhawk which had just snatched a female blackbird and my arrival had startled it into dropping the poor thing. Any didn’t look to good for her I moved it off the trail and into cover.


    I love the Bearded Tit pic.

    I’m away from my moth book, so might have to come back to this.

    It’d be interesting to know for certain. And regards the muntjac, there are more deer appearing this year as the old boy in the pics is on his final run, I reckon, so quite a bit of behavioural studying to be had (which seems to take-up a lot of my time recently). If you’d like to get some up-close pics for yourself, you’re welcome to visit. I don’t know where you’re based but I can email you further details, if you’re interested.


    Saw this viper at the weekend.
    In sunny Cornwall
    Only had iPad to take picture with so it’s abysmal .

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    Shark – 1 hour ago. On a dive in the Canaries.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Was sooo lucky on a local walk last weekend to see a kingfisher actually fishing.
    Amazingly this was happening just a couple of metres from where I was standing and to see the little bird dive in pick up the fish, wack it a couple of times and gulp gone just made my entire week.
    The bird even moved to a branch nearer so I just had to stand completely still and just drink it all in.

    caher you win 🙂


    The Moth larva is almost certainly a Pale tussock moth larva. They are usually a stunning yellow like the one below that i found in South Devon along the coast path. The are known to have colour variations as well as hair length variations.
    Do you recall it having dark sections and those distinct tufts?

    I’m always interested in viewing new wild species, so if you’re within an area i visit or can incorporate it into a trip(any excuse) i could.
    I’m mostly in Somerset, but like to explore. Mail me further details.

    Nice Kernow Adder that. I didn’t see one on the whole of the SWCP when i walked it. But saw a few near Goongumpas when i was last there.

    Sharks! Big fan and need to meet some. Hopefully if i sort out some money i can see a few off the coast of Belize this year. A friend has bought a small Caye and wants me over there helping out with developing it, loads of nurse Sharks there. 🙂

    Bunnyhop. Shame it’s feeding itself and not fishing for it’s chicks…YET. Here’s hoping. Blimmin cracking experience for you. 🙂

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop

    Aye sharki, I know it’s hunting ground well and have been lucky enough to spot it several times. However the last few hard winters have really hit our local kingfisher population hard.
    On today’s ride, late afternoon 3 curlews came flying low over my head, heard them well before seeing them. Stopped and put the bike down to watch for a few minutes, lovely.


    The Moth larva is almost certainly a Pale tussock moth larva…Do you recall it having dark sections and those distinct tufts?

    Not sure, I’ll have to dig out the other pics.

    Mail me further details.

    Will do. Gotta dash right now but I’ll have more time in the week. Meanwhile, here’s a recent vid of the old boy from a shoot-em-up perpective. He looks as if he’s been hitting the gym, to be honest…


    Once again, I don’t host or name these vids.


    I was watching the local dippers hunt for their chicks last week, when i heard a familiar sound above me, when i looked up, i saw a kingfisher flying over with a fish in it’s beak. Head first suggesting it’s for someone else. 🙂

    Teasel. What a fantastic deer. And a great trust it has.
    It’s such experiences that brought my heart close to nature and keeps it there..


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