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  • Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    …only a short one from station of office

    4 RLJ’rs
    One ‘hipster fixie woman’ who had a right attitude and believed she owns the road.
    One middle aged chap with his young offspring following on another bike 😯
    One Transit van
    One London bus

    2 Boris bike berks
    One riding on pavement, weaving in and out of things and riding wrong way down road
    One eeejit oblivious to the Fire Engine right behind him on a blue light run with siren and ‘honky noise’ going because he was a tit with earphones on.

    2 suicidal pedestrians

    It was pretty quiet out there this morning!


    You forgot 1 judgmental so and so.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    1 driver on a mobile, lots of bus lane driving. Quiet here aswell

    (few ninja edits coz I didn’t read OP properly first time)

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    Nope, just exactly as I saw things. Point one was backed up by her launching a vile rant at a pedestrian she nearly hit who was crossing on a green man


    Think yourself lucky – sounds a lot more interesting than my commute.
    Oh hang on – I fell off on some ice yesterday and bashed my hip – that was quite interesting 🙂

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    Went out last night and left the bike at work, so:

    God knows how many people on the tube, 1/2 a Marc Maron podcast – interview with Jim Breuer.


    I saw:

    1 red kite
    1 squirrel
    Beautiful calm sea
    Sunlight poking through rain clouds

    Glad I don’t live anywhere near London… :mrgreen:

    Would be more useful with relative numbers of cyclists cars etc…

    I’m tempted to video some junctions on my commute home in London.

    The attitude that all cyclsits are law-breakers needs arguing against whenever it crops up. Theres some good first hand accounts on Guardian about how people have failed to get justice because of deeply ingrained anti-cyclist stances

    I get the feeling someone could run me over tomorrow, and without any investigation whatsoever, people would blame me for running red lights, or not looking where i’m going. Quite a depressing feeling.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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