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  • My LBS, just decided to stop using them…
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    My former LBS had no rim tape in. They suggested handlebar tape instead.

    My new LBS moved from round the corner to an out of town site. That combined with daft opening times, means realistically you need to drive there after work if you need to pick anything up.

    I now get everything online, and collect from the post office 5mins walk from the office.

    Premier Icon beagle

    I have a REAL thing about Royles in Wilmslow. They’ve annoyed me soooo many times in the past, I’d rather miss out on a ride than go in for a small part. Stopped using them 3 years ago or more.

    It’s a bikeshop for MAMILs, who’ve had a mid life crisis and want a full carbon road bike. It’s everything a bike shop shouldn’t be IMO.


    I use Bad Ass bikes for scary stuff like bike builds and brake servicing because they know their stuff and the credit card statement just says “BAD ASS” which confuses Mrs BristolPablo. I try to use BW Cycling and Strada for the other stuff.

    Most of the Bristol shops are ok, though it seems to go through stages and three or four years ago, they were pretty much all utterly useless because people had loads of money to throw at toys and the shop staff couldnt give a rats ass about customer service. Possibly now they are all trying a bit harder?….

    I havent tried Psyclewerx but only heard good things so if Bad Ass are busy or getting there is a pain one day i’ll give them a try, I love the randomness of Bristol bike workshop, “Bike” opposite habitat goes through phases of being useful and then aloof in equal measures but is ok at the moment, even Evans is pretty good and so long as i avoid the egos at Mud Dock then I’m happy…

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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