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  • basically I have had this bike for about two weeks and it has gone through two sets of replacement wheels and the frame chainstay cracked just paint but got a replacement I am planning on getting stronger wheels as these crossrides feel flexy and to skinny.
    all ready bought stronger tyres but still feels terrible

    Do you think it be worth replacing my 32mm x 150mm forks for some
    36mm x 160mm forks would they be stiffer and stronger


    What are you doing with it?


    Are yours the flat bladed ‘Crossrides’??

    I’ve got a 914 with ‘Crosstrails’ which have held up to some abuse and are still running great and true.
    The only bad point I can about the mavic wheel set are the spokes are expensive.

    I do think Lapierre need to improve their quality control.


    What are doing with to it?



    2 weeks and 4 wheels and a new chainstay? I’d not be looking to upgrade anything on that, I’d be looking to take it back for a refund!


    How heavy are you?


    What’s your favourite colour?


    I have 2 sets of Crossrides which are broken from hammmering the hardtails. Spokes missing and cracked across the rim weld. This was from using them in the Alps tho.

    I would get rid of the Crossrides and guessing you were just unlucky with the chainstay.

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    Stronger wheels may mean the stresses are transferred to the frame more which will mean more cracks.

    I’d be looking at the bike and your riding style and seeing if they are suitable.

    I am planning on getting stronger wheels as these crossrides feel flexy and to skinny.

    I found the same when I had crossrides on my Meta5 as well. Far too much flex for what the bike was designed for. Was breaking spokes regularly with them and having to true them every other ride. So glad they’re gone. Not had any issues at all since I got my Hope Hoops.


    Looks like you have it set up for downhill use there, maybe a bigger bike is what you want like a Froggy, or kona Entourage etc.

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    You gonna update your pre-emptive flaming thread about the warranty problems you haven’t had?

    What was wrong with the wheels?

    the spokes came loose and one of them pinged out damaging the flange
    I am riding trail centres and they are refusing to give me a refund

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    My Zesty came with crossrides to (although that was way back in 09), they are flexy but I thought they were surprisingly good for a budget wheel, they should be high up on the upgrade list though and probably worth getting an LBS to re-tension them after a couple of rides.


    I just put the 2012 Havens from CRC reduced to £290 on my zesty 514 and it has transformed it, the weight reduction, strength and tubless feels so quick and darty now its great.

    Dont know why but it even sounds different as if the wheels are pushing into the suspension harder….


    If riding trail centres why do you have your saddle in a position that you can’t sit on it ?

    Reading your other posts I am surprised you are getting the problems you are, if you are riding trail centres


    I’m 100kg’s and a hamfisted ****. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve pinchflatted and carried on riding down a rocky bit before I could stop…


    On Standard Hope Hoops front and rear. Fantastic Peaks/etc etc wheels.


    Proper LOL @ Euro

    I am only 5ft 9 and weigh about 10stone the reason the seat id like that Sancho is because that was the first day I got it i think some stronger wheels would realy improve the bike i love the ride it just feels flexy i have had 3 lapierres and they felt awesome


    Might want to stick the wheels on eBay and get a set that you prefer

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    No one enjoys having a damaged flange.

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    So – you have broken the chain stays and the wheels and think a longer fork will be a good move?!?

    Maybe you need to either get a bigger, heavier, burliest bike capable of taking the abuse you are dishing out or perhaps ride a little more smoothly and stop smashing into stuff. There is nothing wrong with Crosstrails you certainly shouldn’t be breaking them.

    The Zesty is a trail bike – not a DH monster.

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