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  • My first ride to work…

    Well after much putting off, I have finally pulled myself out of bed and cycled to work today. 😀

    And I am proud of myself. Not because I beat other riders up the hill, but because I made the effort to give it a go and I loved it!

    Just have to work out how not to be taken out by taxi drivers…

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    Riding to work is the highlight of my working week 🙂

    You do realise though that now you have done the commute in February you have no excuse for not riding in at other times of the year!


    Well done, I love my ride to work. How far is your commute?


    it certainly clears the mind on a morning and prepares you for the day ahead, and then all day you can look forward to riding your bike home.


    Well done you. It is good, isn’t it?

    Good luck and try to give the motorist space to be a bit mental in.

    The move I have been mostly enjoying this season in Manchester is the ‘no indicator u-turn.’ Still, keeps it interesting and I know my ’emergency stop’ works.

    Thanks everyone. It is about a 30 min ride with a solid climb on the way in. I agree it is a good way to start the day. 🙂


    You’ve missed the fun of drivers with iced up windows. 3 weeks ago I had a white van man with iced up windscreen drive past looking out if the side window whilst on the phone. Thats pretty advanced stuff.


    Its awesome isnt it? I did it and wish I had done it sooner 🙂

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    Smug warning.

    I ride off road to work, only have to worry about mad deer and sheep.

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    my commute is the highlight of my day

    and taxi drivers are indeed tossers


    I’ve been doing it properly for the first time in ages all week. As I live in the mountains above work, I’m in the rather unusual position of looking forward to riding in to work, but hating the idea of slogging home!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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