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  • If you want to take it riding then think carefully about the size of the body you choose. I have a canon eos 50d and it would be a complete pain to take riding unless the point of the ride was to take shots. It’s just too bulky and heavy.

    If it is the case that you want to take more control over you photography and integrate it into your riding then you may be after a compact system camera. There’s loads to google about them so I won’t bore you.

    Needless to say though, any body is only as good as its glass.

    Nice images by the way

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    My local London camera exchange had a Nikon D90 with 18-180 lens with less than 6000 shots on for about £250.

    Leamington Spa shop by the way.

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    £120. Sorted. Pentax K100D with three lenses. Perfect for learning. And I am not scared of it going biking/boating/hillwalking.

    2/365 by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

    Instructor Training Course by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

    Tarmachan Ridge at dawn by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

    1/365 by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

    12/365 by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

    River Awe canoe by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

    Strone Hill walk by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

    Ardnamurchan by matt_outandabout, on Flickr

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    So, I enjoy talking photos but I think I’ve reached the limit of my several years old compact for taking riding and macro shots (see examples below).

    I’ve sold a few bits recently so want to buy a DSLR that is upgradeable if I continue to enjoy taking pics.

    I’m looking for a good frame with average finishing components (to use cycling terminology)…

    Budget £400-£500ish. Should I be looking at second hand? Body + okay lens to begin with…


    IMG_5816 by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    IMG_0647 by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    IMG_0652 by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    IMG_0410 by oxym0r0n, on Flickr

    IMG_0646 by oxym0r0n, on Flickr


    May have a sony nex 6 up for sale soon, which would be within your budget if interested. Would suit your requirements perfectly, comes with a 16 to 50mm power zoom lens that makes it almost pocketable whrn retracted, whilst still producing DSLR standard shots. Its a much more carryable option compared to taking a DSLR out with you. Theres a nice range of e-mount lenses available. One of the best of the current crop of compact system cameras.

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    Sounds a possibility anthonyb – drop me an email if you decide to – would be useful to know why you are selling too. Thanks

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