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    You could probably do with decent insoles (assuming you’re still using originals), you wouldn’t believe they difference they can make. Might get away with some Superfeet, but don’t be afraid to stump up the cash for some custom Sidas Conform’ables


    I had exactly this. Mine was caused by heel lift – I had an old pair of Burton Motos, apparently Burtons are known to be quite roomy in the heel.

    I got a pair of Solomons fitted (and supafeet insoles) – it hasn’t stopped it completely but it’s much better, I only really get it on particularly long and icy runs now.


    I get real bad pain when snowboarding on the base of my feet, iits to the point where I can take it for so long and then I have to stop and I’m down for ages waiting for them to recover.

    Iv tried different boots that fit and still I get this real pain, it seems to be if I’m holding on the heel edge or the toe edge more so, if I keep turning it’s better I can feel the pain coming but I can stop it mid way through.

    I had this a bit when I was downhilling the other day

    Any ideas as what to do?

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    Footbeds made a massive difference for my boarding comfort levels. Cost a fair bit (about €90 in resort 4 seasons ago) but in their second pair of boots now so have been a good investment.

    Feet still scream if the inners are done up too tight though, especially if on long/icy first-run-of-the-day type stuff.


    It was only with snowboarding that I discovered that I had fallen arches, which you may have.

    Superfeet do a cheap (~£30) footbed that is molded in-store. For me, this moved the pain onset from 12pm to 3pm. These will help you decide if you want to splash on proper custom footbeds, which I will be.

    Also, I have toe straps and boots laced pretty loose now whereas they were proper man-tight before.

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    Have a chat with Colin at Solutions4Feet in Bicester. He sorted my crap feet out in both ski boots and cycling shoes, just bear in mind he is a grumpy Scotsman!

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    How old are your boots ?

    I always wear Salomon boots now after suffereing the same issues through various other brands.
    But My faithful F?? were killing me at the end of the last weeks boarding.
    Admittedly I am probably 1.5 st heavier than last time I used them but I have to face it that they are just worn out, despite still looking great. They just don’t offer the same level of support now.

    I also found matching boots to bindings makes a big difference.
    I have a Dupraz D1 with Carbon Burton bindings (Super stiff bindings) which put a lot more stress into the boot and my feet than my 2nd board, a Never summer Evo Freestyle board and Burton Cartel freestyle bindings that I rode on the last day.
    With the softer Board / Bindings combination, my boots felt like slippers in comparison !!

    For this season, I need some new boots

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    One thing that massively altered how much pain I was in snowboarding was just improving my foot technique.

    Using the A-B-C-D pressure-point system described in “Go Snowboarding” focussed my attention on my feet and made riding a lot more comfortable.

    (I still get pain riding hard icy corduroy though).

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