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  • Recommend me some waterproof overshoes for my SPDs


    None……. Lake 360 boots….cost a pretty penny but the best footwear I have had in 20 years of cycling and I have tried waterproof boots socks overshoes etc etc. genuinely they keep your feet superwarm!

    +1 proper winter boots. You won’t go back to overshoes. NW Artics here.


    My BBB heavy duty road ones are good. My circulation is really poor but these let me ride in pretty much any weather without losing feeling in my toes. Actually start to get a bit too hot after a while on longer rides.

    I’ll pop down the LBS and see what they’ve got……


    cold feet ar the result of the body pulling away heat to protect your body core when it feels nippy, the same happens with fingers. The solution is to make sure not only you have good feet coverage like overshoes OR winter boots but also that your legs and hips are warm. dont buy/wear anything that is too tight as it restricts the blood flow. especially true with tight shoes. Keep yer legs warm and keep blood flowing and the blood flow will keep your extremes warm.


    On-road or off-road?

    I recently got some BBB ones for the road – can’t remember the exact model but they are really good. Easy to get on, plenty of clearance around the cleats, strong fastenings and keep my feet warm.

    For off-road, I still use Endura MT500. But, if you ride off-road in rocky conditions with hike-a-bike sections or just areas where you might get off to walk then you’ll wear them out in no time at all.

    Make sure you aren’t cutting the circulation off to your feet by doing your shoes up too tight or wearing socks that are too thick.

    screamingtree – Member
    I’ll pop down the LBS and see what they’ve got……

    Good luck with that…
    I can second Lakes! I have the new 145s and the beauty is if you have wide feet they have wide fittings, and I mean W I D E ! Northwave are supposed to be good for wide feet but there’s just no comparison!
    Wide = room for more socks and still room to wiggle toes = cosy toes!
    The 145s aren’t as weatherproof as the 302s but they are much lighter!

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