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  • My eldest son committed suicide last night 😢
  • Premier Icon gnusmas
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    Had a phone call this morning from my Dad telling me that my eldest son (from a previous relationship) was found late last night. He lived with my parents so they were the police’s first port of call. Still no details on why, waiting to find more out.

    He was 20 years old, his whole life ahead of him. Thanks to his Mother playing mind games with him in the past we weren’t as close as we should have been, but things were heading in the right direction lately.

    I’m completely and utterly devastated. Struggling to comprehend anything at the moment. I’ve always said the only thing I imagine is worse than losing a partner is losing a child, sadly both for me is now a reality.

    RIP my first born son, you were very loved and will be greatly missed by all 😢

    Premier Icon grahamt1980
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    I have no words that will mean anything after reading that.
    you know that a lot of us in here care about you so please stay safe and treasure the other children.
    massive hugs

    Premier Icon doomanic
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    Holy shit Gnusmas! I’m so sorry for you, I have no more words than that.

    Premier Icon scaredypants
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    Shit, mate – you’ve been through some couple of years.
    Really sorry to hear this. Young people have been through the wringer this year and a lot are suffering. I’ve a daughter his age living away from home and it scares me shitless.

    Nothing to say beyond the usual; help each other, get support for you and your kids wherever it’s offered and whenever it’s needed

    Premier Icon PJay
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    There’s nothing I can usefully add but I just wanted to offer my condolences with the others’.

    Please take care of yourself the best you can.

    Premier Icon cynic-al
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    Blimey, that is the saddest of news, as you say. Be kind to yourself, don’t be shy to seek support

    Premier Icon Muke
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    **** Don’t have any wise words but thinking of you, hang in their buddy.

    Premier Icon howarthp
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    My thoughts are with you

    Premier Icon funkmasterp
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    So sorry to hear this. If there’s anything you need you know where I am

    Premier Icon blokeuptheroad
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    That’s truly awful to read. There’s nothing I can say other than I am very sorry for your loss.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon
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    So sorry to hear this gnusmas. Thinking of you. Take care of yourself.

    Premier Icon tartanscarf
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    This is the worst news of all, so sorry to hear what’s happened. You’ve had an awful time of it with everything that’s happened. No other words sadly. Xx

    Premier Icon sillyoldman
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    Very sorry to hear.

    Take care.

    Premier Icon doublezero
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    So sorry to here this, my thoughts are with you.

    Look after yourself through this difficult time.

    Premier Icon flyingpotatoes
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    Sorry for your loss. That is truly awful news.

    Premier Icon wooobob
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    That’s devastating, I’m so sorry.

    Premier Icon pondo
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    So, so sorry – I can’t imagine what you’re all going through. Please take care of yourselves and – this’ll sound a bit trite – if there’s anything you need, just shout.

    Premier Icon ads678
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    For **** sake. Come on world give the guy a break!

    So sorry to hear that gnusmas. I can’t believe how much shit you’re having to go through. Stay strong man, please. For yourself. The other kids love you, go and hug them.

    Premier Icon benpinnick
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    I only have one real fear in life, and that is outliving my kids.

    My heart goes out to you gnusmas.

    Premier Icon oldnpastit
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    Really sorry to hear that, that’s awful. Nothing useful to say.

    Premier Icon lesgrandepotato
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    I have nothing to say. I just can’t imagine. This forum is here for you and feeling for you.
    We share what you are feeling and I hope that can bring you some solace.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    Alan, that’s awful news. I’m so sorry to hear it.

    I’ve good friends from university who’s son committed suicide 4 years ago. They are heavily involved in Papyrus, who seem to have been a steady support for them.
    Please reach out to Papyrus or any of u on here (even though I feel woefully ill-equipped to help).


    Premier Icon fazzini
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    Thoughts with you @gnusmas

    Premier Icon augustuswindsock
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    Mate i am so, so sorry to hear that, I know there’s nothing I can say to that will take the pain away, but I, and many others on here, are thinking of you!

    Premier Icon kimbers
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    Oh man, I’m so sorry

    We’re all here for you

    Premier Icon swavis
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    That’s truly awful news

    I have no words 😓

    Try and take care of yourselves

    Premier Icon Yak
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    Terrible news. Thoughts are with you.

    Premier Icon binners
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    Dear god! You’ve been through the wringer this last few years mate.

    I don’t know what to say only sincere condolences.

    Look after yourself mate

    Premier Icon Aus
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    Awful, thoughts are with you and your parents. Take care

    Premier Icon bearnecessities
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    I’m sorry to hear this. I don’t know what else to say.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider
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    I haven’t got the words…

    Take care fella.

    Premier Icon Rona
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    I’m so sorry. Wishing you strength.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes
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    Oh no. So sorry.

    Premier Icon dave661350
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    Words seem so inadequate. So sorry for your loss.

    Premier Icon reluctantjumper
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    Just read this on my phone so didn’t see the poster’s name until I clicked through. Words utterly fail to describe how I felt when I saw who it was and what had happened.

    The only thing I can say is to echo what everyone else has said above. We’re all thinking of you and if you ever need to just vent, talk, seek advice, help or just in desperate need of a distraction we’re all here for you at any time.

    Premier Icon neilnevill
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    If hugs from a stranger on an internet forum help, have a huge one from me. So sorry

    Premier Icon duncancallum
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    Mate so sorry to hear that.

    Premier Icon montylikesbeer
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    Any words we can give can’t take the pain away at this terrible time.

    Stay strong

    Premier Icon chipps
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    So sorry to hear this. Everyone is here for you if you need us… All our best wishes from the team here too.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg
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    Blimey, puts my own miserableness into perspective. Nothing I can say will help but man I hope 2021 is better for you.

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