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  • My 2012 biking moments..
  • nicksee

    Seeing as the weather is so awful down here in south west, i created this video to remind me of all my favourite moments on the bike from 2012 😀
    Various locations included from somerset to wales, italy & france.


    I hope 2013 is as much fun, with a plan to do as much big mountain riding as possible!


    Looks amazing 🙂 great video


    nice one, enjoyed that 🙂


    Fantastic what a great film! Where in France and Italy?


    Please can you list in order the locations?

    Sure there was UK bike Park, Cwmcarn and Brechfa in there?

    5:30ish wheres that to?

    I’m sure 5:30 ish is final descent at Cwmcarn.

    I spot the top section at brechfa gorlech, Cwmcarn and skyline descent.

    Good vid.


    Thanks for all your comments, had great great time this year so had to share with you all. Now for locations in order of appearance, Gus has got a few already!

    Uk bike park
    Asham Quarry nr. Frome, Somerset. It was dry back in may, honest!
    Longleat forest, in the dusting of snow
    Afan – Skyline deadwood section
    Brechfa – Gorlech Trail first descent
    Llandegla drops in the skills area
    Cwmcarn twrch trail final descent, 5.30 ish for carl 😉
    Antur Stiniog blue trail
    The Alps, an awesome holiday with the White room chalet, cheers stevo 😀
    First couple with the crashes was La thuile in italy, second part with the deep blue sky and flowy trail was tignes bike park (france)

    And relax…


    Thanks for listing the locations.
    Think I will check out the Frome trails if it ever stops raining.


    Really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing. 😀

    Premier Icon Alex

    Great vid that. Looks like a different planet to what we have at the moment tho..


    Thanks again all! The state of trails at the moment because of the relentless rain is shocking, so sticking to xc rides along the lanes and the new local pump track that they built in the summer!
    I live in Frome so asham quarry, longleat, & the mendip hills are my local spots.
    Gus, the quarry is just about still rideable allbeit very slippery on the rocks but the woods are pretty bad.
    If anyone wants a guide around there or longleat just let me know 😉

    here is another video of quarry when its dry:


    Ooh the quarry wood trails look like their back. It was wantonly wrecked by the owner a couple of years back. I’ll go explore and refind the trails in the spring


    Yeah buzz, all the trails were wrecked. 2 years later now in that wooded area the local pro’s have cleared the mess and made a quite few more fun lines. Dont know how long it will last but there are no shore structures like before, just jumps and a few new drops which i haven’t yet hit!
    Elsewhere in the quarry there are some pretty big new freeride lines with some huge stepdowns/hips which i have seen been ridden, im not going anywhere near them!! video link on pinkbike

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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