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  • allthepies

    Finish work today until the New Year so no more bike commuting until 2013.

    My commuting stats are pretty lame but for 2012 we have:-

    Days biked in: 135
    Total mileage: 1215

    Will aim to increase this next year 🙂


    In the same boat as you 🙂

    Days biked in: 144
    Total mileage: 2750



    Days biked in: 876
    Mileage: 198,724

    edit: this is a (poor) joke!


    Looks pretty good from here, there are what, about 222 working days in a year?


    Damn, you’ve seen through my shakey stats… I don’t have a computer on my fixie but it’s 40 mile round trip at a conservative 120 trips per year.

    So 4800 ish.


    Can’t be bothered to work out numbers of days but the total is about 5,500 miles. Might get 3-4 more days in next week, which’ll be either 120 or 160 miles.

    Premier Icon richmars

    Still a week to go but so far it’s
    Cycle to work: 101 days, for a total of 3328 miles. Best month was September at 90%, followed by August at 78.2%.

    I cycle probably everyday except maybe 2 or 3 working days I havent. I also cycle home for lunch half those times. Sounding good so far, but each journey is only a mile. So that works out at about 215 days X 1.5 X 4 = about 1300 miles a year. Better than nothing, I suppose.

    Days biked in: 100ish
    Total mileage: 1300ish

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    No idea of the days but over 2,300 commuting miles for the year to date – 3 possible commuting days left.

    My yearly total overall is currently 168 miles short of last year – aiming for 50 miles on the road bike tomorrow, it’s going to be close…..

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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