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  • Mw81's, Northwave Celsius or spesh defrosters
  • headpotdog

    What ever fits 😉

    My feet fit Shimano perfectly so I’m well chuffed with my MW81’s.


    Just got some defrosters. Tested them on last nights chilly ride. There were impressive, comfortable and toasty. I went for a size up.

    Premier Icon lump

    Bought some new MW80’s last year and the pinched across the broad part. So went over to NorthWaves. They are a better shoe apart from the draw string laces. The Shimano Velcro is much better and holds the foot better. But ive got used to it and like them. The MW just wouldn’t fit me….


    Shimano for me over those others

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Tried Defrosters a few years back but came up quite narrow. Shimano boots next but settled on Northwave Celsius – nice wide fit, good quality and comfy as anything. Currently got four pairs of NW shoes / boots and seem to last very well. The Celsius aren’t infallible though – water runs down inside in the worst of the weather and I do sometimes wish I’d gone for the thicker Arctic version, but then I prize warm, dry feet above almost all things!


    Time for new winter boots.
    Been using mw80’s for the past 3 years.
    What says the people of STW?


    northwave celcius for me, i got them 3 years ago and they still have years left in them, so durable and very warm.

    Premier Icon cp

    I have MW81’s – they are BRILLIANT.

    I have wide feet, I went for 44’s and I’m reliably 43 in everything else non Shimano with thin socks on. With thicker merino wool socks, the 44’s are perfect.


    My Northwave fit very well and are about to start their 5th winter.

    Also, my feet are stupidly wide but I can still wear thick socks with them.

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    I never managed to get the Shimano or NWs to fit my feet so went with Defrosters. They are great until it gets properly cold when I find they lack for warmth. That said, the shoe has been redesigned for this season so that may have been addressed. If you suffer badly with the cold the NWs are available in ‘arctic'(?) version which is warmer still.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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