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  • Must share my Halfrauds experience of today ….
  • Went in looking for wiper blades for the missus' and daughter's car. Asked the nice lad there with a 'Purali'(or something) badge on:-

    'Have you got any Bosch wiper blades for a Kia Carens'
    'Dunno. Let's have a look on the computer'

    Nice stroll to the other end of the shop, cleverly avoiding the printed cross reference list 15 inches away.

    'Now, what was the car again?'
    'Kia Carens'
    'Ford Kia, yeah?'
    'No, it's a Kia Carens'
    'Err how do you spell that?'
    'K-I-A C-A-R-E-N-S'
    'Is that with a 'K'
    'Kia is with a K, Carens is with a C'
    'Nah, its not listed – we might have some Bosch though'

    (Biting lip as I speak) 'OK, We'll have a look then'. Found it but instead of leaving quickly, I thought I'd risk a quick visit into Bikeshed.

    'Hi there, would you happen to sell any tread stopping compound?'
    'Errr, no, not any more'
    'Ah, when did you stop selling it'
    'So, you do know what it is then?'
    'Err, no'
    'It's stuff that you put into the tread of a bike tyre to plug the cut'
    'Well, I've got Slime'
    'Oh, does that go into he cut in the tyre; I thought that was for tubes'
    'Yeah, but the tube goes inside the tyre, dunnit?'

    My fault – I went there!!

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    "tread stopping compound"

    never heard of it. Is it soemthign from the 1940's?


    did you invent "tread stopping compound"? I've never come across that before


    halfords are bad… kia's are worse!

    Premier Icon DezB

    The Bikehut lad was right to take the piss. "Tread stopping compound" indeed.
    They've got tartan paint next door in B&Q πŸ˜‰

    Premier Icon Stoner

    you probably use those little rubber tubes that come in puncture repair kits, dont you? πŸ™‚

    You sure taught him a lesson he won't forget πŸ˜†

    Tread stopping compound?! Never had that one in all my years working in bike shops. But then, I'm an idiot too πŸ˜†

    b r

    So that's at least two mistakes (Kia and then Halfords) you've made so far – any more you want to admit too?


    Tread stopping compound? Is that like tartan paint or a sky hook?


    Were you wearing a flat cap and driving gloves too? Tread stopping compound..FFS.


    I suspect this thread is not shaping up quite as Old Git Surrey envisaged.


    WTF is tread stopping compound πŸ˜†


    Old Git, by itting Bosch wipers on your Kia,youd instantly double its resale price,to the man with the labrador and white stick.


    google has only 6 results for tread stopping compound
    that pretty much means it doesn't exist πŸ™‚
    have you heard of google old git?


    google has only 6 results for tread stopping compound

    five actually, the first result is this tread lol


    Went into one of their shops in Dublin looking for wipers & high intensity headlamps for my focus. Came out as being €62 for the lot. Thought it seemed a bit expensive. So decided to go to a local motor factors favoured by backstreet garages all over dublin. Bosch wipers & osram high intensity bulbs came to €35. That's nearly half of the price of the halfrauds. Given the choice I ain't never buying anything else in there ever unless i have to.


    tread stopping compound?


    what we need round here is some tHread stopping compound….



    Nice stroll to the other end of the shop, cleverly avoiding the printed cross reference list 15 inches away.

    I take it you didn't have your reading glasses with you? old man!


    Thread stopping compound probably near the Loctite lock n seal stuff πŸ˜‰

    Philistines! πŸ˜†

    Tread stopping compound, or treadstop, is (well, or probably was :oops:) a mastic made to plug the large cuts in tyres (usually tubs and expensive slicks).

    So, what does everyone use now, as Superglue lasts until the first splash of water.

    any more you want to admit too?

    Well, I once owned a Maestro that would have eaten your car, but that's another story! :mrgreen:

    "Tread stopping compound"
    You just made that up FFS.


    My mate has a Kia it's a solid car, you lost me at the compound thing though



    Early in WW2, a rat knawed through the wooden floor of the shed, right under my mothers front tyre, it then chewed the tread off the tyre. It was very difficult to get new tyres and as the cords were OK, my father stopped it with tread stopper. the tyre lasted for several years. Whether you are mending a puncture or stopping up the tread you have to be very meticulous in the preparation.

    trust the CTC to know

    Premier Icon Northwind

    So Halfords failed to stock something that no other bike shop sells eh? I can see why you had to share!


    Tread Stopping Compound? – I'll tell you what everyone uses now.. Nothing, ride it until it fails and get a new one on! Anyway isn't a tread stopping compound something that turns nobbly tyres into slicks?? πŸ˜†

    "Tread stopping compound"
    You just made that up FFS

    Er, yeah, mate.
    Here's one I used earler — much earlier!!

    So who uses what these days?


    I think you need to go tubeless πŸ˜†


    Is that like tartan paint or a sky hook?

    Sky hook would be one of these things

    That stuff looks like it may well predate the pneumatic tyre! Which begs the question, what was it used for back then? Fixing horse hooves?


    Went to Halfords to buy grease for wheel bearings as I was changing them on my car and there are two types of grease so I read the labels to see which was which but it didnt help me decide.
    So I ask for help. πŸ˜₯
    Guy walks over and I ask which is correct for wheel bearings ?
    I explained that I have read the containers and they shed no light as to which one.
    He then proceeds to spend the next 5 minutes reading them himself to then pronounce he hadn`t a clue ?
    FFS 😐


    The last remaining hope for Britains tight as a nats chuff cyclists was dashed last night, as news came by telegram that the convoy transporting Tread Stopper was sunk in the Bay of Biscay. Made from latex found only in the high mountain plateaus of Burma, the compound has allowed Britains riders to laugh at the dastardly Hun, while allowing riders to progress through the rubble strewn streets of the Blitz. Adolf has won this round, but we will prevail.

    Winston Churchill, collected speeches, pub.1946.

    Also, halfords pay minimum wage. Why do people seem surprised when they realise the staff aren't all especially bright?


    Ah c'mon, Halfords aint's that bad.
    Some of the local bikehut fellas, the ones that ride bikes rather than drive saxos are sound.

    Guess it depends on the local staff.

    It's ok for some things, rubbish for others.

    but "tread stopping compound", you're kidding right…

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    So who uses what these days?

    er new tyre? If a tyre is damaged I won't be risking a reapir failing miles from home. Most tyres aren't that expensive.

    It's a repair, just like patching an inner tube.

    Try buying a Continental tub at nearly Β£100, finding a cut in the tread after the first ride (no puncture) and slinging it. I'm not that rich!


    On Sunday, I saw a customer and his son making fun and shouting at a kid for not knowing a pipe from hydro.clutch (main dealer or engineering part not kept in stock).

    I move the lad and tell the customer I'll have look on the system…I'm typing away:


    Sorry sir not in stock but I could order it in for you? with the kid behind my shoulder sniggering at the screen…

    Some of us know what we're doing, Uni students doing technical degrees but I have noticed the lazyness is crazy.

    It's the easiest part-time student job with some idiots working there full time.

    A bike legend on 20K a year was pushed out to cut costs-thats why you're getting shoddy service.

    (I work on all the sections as a student and I know my stuff and not afraid to ask collegues or go out of my way but not everyone does! for me it makes the day go quick before coming home to study chemistry and teaching.)


    He then proceeds to spend the next 5 minutes reading them himself to then pronounce he hadn`t a clue ?

    I have a horrible suspicion that's exactly what I'd have done.


    I remember tread stopping compound. But then again, I am nearly sixty.
    I remember using it too… better than supergloo, that's for sure.


    All hail the one and only MisterCrud!

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