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  • Music streaming throughout the house?
  • I should add, I’m not really after a Sonos-style setup. I’d rather be able to plug into a speaker/amp combo of my choosing, thus allowing future upgrades.

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    Raspberry Pi does Sonos?
    Sonos does offer a reciever/amp setup rather than speakers

    I know this gets asked quite often, but I’ve not yet read of a solution to my own particular needs.

    Basically, a single main unit which holds the music/runs Spotify/etc., connected to the home wifi network, and then a wifi receiver of some sort for each room that can provide a source input for whatever amp/speaker combo that happens to be in that room.

    If each room could stream different music that would be a bonus, as would being able to lock each room to just receive the one source from the main unit.

    Am I a) making sense, and b) living in a world where this is possible without spending many thousands of pounds?


    OP you’ve basically just described a Sonos system using the ‘Connect’ Zoneplayer with local music systems 💡

    The ‘Connect’ is a pre-amp Zoneplayer that can be set with either fixed or variable line-out depending where you want volume control. You can have a Hi-Fi system in each room and the Connect converts each into a streaming music system linking them to a central music library (iTunes etc.) and providing access to on-line services such as Internet radio (TuneIN), Spotify etc. Each connect is independant so every room can do something different, simultaneously, but you also have e facility to link any combination of rooms for coordinated playback when entertaining.

    What you need to get your head around is the system is a ‘streaming’ system not a distribution system in the tradition sence of multi-room system. The only central device required is a network hard drive with your music on it, that could be a NAS drive, PC or laptop. Content is streamed to Sonos zone players via IP rather than sources being selected and controlled. One thing you can’t do is lock out any content, everything is available everywhere but as each zone is independant conflict is never an issue.

    The Connect is £279 inc VAT and there is nothing on the market that does the same for that price, in fact not much for more either. Sorry if I sound a bit fanboy but I get very bored hearing of Rasberry Pi / Airport / whatever solutions touted as alternatives. Yes they provide access to music in rooms around a house but multi-room systems they are not – they lack so many features integral to Sonos it’s laughable. They’re just cheaper, that’s all. If you can afford Sonos you’re nuts not to buy it, it’s really that simple.


    I went the logitech Squeeze box route.

    I have a Squeezebox touch in the lounge, a duet upstairs and s squeeze radio in the kitchen. It works quite well and I can listen to my music, spotify and iPlayer all around the house.


    An Airport Express?

    Airport Express


    As above, the sonos system is v good and you can get a receiver that plugs into any amp a bit like a CD player would. In my experience Sonos is very polished and I suspect the best system out there all in all

    I’ve tried the raspberry pi and it seemed a little temperamental so I didn’t persevere. I have been using a squeezebox for a couple of years now and it is very good, but I have just changed it for an Apple TV as I like some of the features that you can get from apple. I don’t have a multiroom setup, but I suspect that using the apple systems won’t allow different music in different rooms from a single controller like I believe sonos does

    Mail in profile if anybody wants to buy a squeezebox classic!


    +1 Airport Express

    But Sonos takes the win for doing this 😉

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