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  • Men's Final- class act. *SPOLIER*
  • organdonor

    What did you expect him to do? Throw his racket and stomp off refusing to talk to anybody? Gracious in defeat? Yes (any pro should be). Class act? No.

    Federer? Now there’s a class act.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    He’s come a long way since his days as Pub Landlord.


    He’s an ugly fooker tho ain’t he! Very gracious, and beaten by a legend! Yes that word legend, but fed really is a legend! The most glorious backhand of any tennis player ever!!


    Was a great final. I’d have love to see him win. But agree that was a nice speech afterwards, by both of them.


    Must confess to not being his greatest fan because of the dour bit, but he is only doing his job, most of us would be dour talking about our jobs.

    However after that he gains massive respect and will view him in a new light, albeit still dour I hope as he is still Scottish and it just wouldn’t be right any other way.

    Well done Andy you are a real star.


    Well with all the British hope on his shoulders I would say he handled it well …

    I would be cursing you lot from STW … 😆

    don simon

    i hope the stupid ‘dour Scot Brit’ comments fade


    Out classed in the end but a valiant effort.
    Goes up a notch after this display and his interview.
    And, he’s still young enough to improve.


    organdonor has clearly donated his brain


    organdonor has clearly donated his brain

    Apparently not to you. I believe you have my blind nationalism though.


    Good to see Murray showing some emotion at the end of the match.

    No shame in losing to the greatest player of all time. Federer was sublime in the last two sets. Slice forehands, drop shots and beautiful forehand and backhand winners. A true joy to watch.

    Murray will win a slam at some point.

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    What a game! Kudos to Murray for putting it all on the line. That said, he’s never going to win a Slam if he a) serves as badly as that, his 1st serve was execrable for most of the match and b) fails to take his chances when they occur. Incredibly Federer made more unforced errors, but when he had the chances he was clinical (and brilliant). Feel that Murray missed his chance a bit because if he could have held on and won the 2nd set tie-break he probably would have gone on to win it. Didn’t he twice get broken from 40 – love on his own serve? Still work to do then, but as he said, he’s getting closer and he did lose to the greatest player the game has ever seen.


    He lost, but during the speeches afterwards showed a side to his previously abrasive personality i havent seen before….top lad, polite, respectful, grateful, emotional….i hope the stupid ‘dour Scot’ comments fade away after this.


    What he achieved today we can only dream of in any sport we take seriously so well done Andy and unlucky too. He did play a legend and yes as said before Roger can be called that as 7 Wimbledon titles aren’t given away. Murray played well and the first set he really took well and that’s the first set he’s won in a Slam final as well. I hope he does achieve at least one in his career as he does deserve one for the way he plays.

    Premier Icon wallop

    I found it very touching. I’ve never liked Federer – he may be the deserving winner but IMO he is too arrogant. Andy Murray is still young and has much time to improve and become the best.

    Well done Andy.

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