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  • Multiple bikes = Guilty feeling ….. Time to MTFU?
  • Premier Icon composite

    Rule 5 and Rule 12.


    Man up? Pfffft.

    It seems you need to girl down.


    Well. If your in a relationship your other half will probably only let you be with just him or her, but you can spend time with and ride as many bike as you like without feeling guilty!

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Don’t be daft, i’ve just taken delivery of my 5th bike today, and 2nd one this year!
    Plus, the G/F has her own bike.


    No not at all, there are 14 golf clubs in a bag by PGA rules ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And if cycling is the new golf then i`m glad there is 9 days in the week to ride a different bike each day :mrgreen:


    How many? More than 6?

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    If its more than 11 I’ll be shocked. My wife is fine with it ๐Ÿ˜€


    Guilt is a feeling that is often confused with the need to get a new bike.

    You’re either an even or an odd person – clearly you’re on the ‘wrong’ number, and it should be corrected in short order


    i sometimes have the same feeling, currently got 4 in the garage, with another one in the pipeline.. Packages containing blingy bike bits arrive on pretty much a daily basis.. i always assume my mrs isnt gonna be happy about it. Truth is, she is fine with it and supports my hobby/obsession, so i am very lucky in that respect.

    I’d just MTFU basically ๐Ÿ™‚

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    As above.

    I like bikes.

    I like building, fettling and on occasion ring them ๐Ÿ˜†

    But …. I have “several”.

    I have a guilt about this.

    Time to sell up or man up?


    I don’t have a bike, give me one you fascist. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Premier Icon Daffy

    I can’t justify the current bike-load, I cycle offload a few times per month, commute everyday, and do a bit of CX, and of road. I’m reducing my 8 to 5 (2*mtb, 1*road, 1*CX, 1*Commuter)


    I’m feeling exactly the same as the pressure is on to get a house deposit together. As a result my tourer is on ebay and i’m contemplating selling my Orange Five too. Despite this i’ve somehow just bought a Krampus. Ooops.


    I was in the same position.

    Unless you are a “serious” xc jeyyer, or DH thug, do you need all the bikes.

    Bike nirvana is one bike for everything.
    one really really nice bike, rather than a fleet of under loved messes.

    Oh, and a “town bike”, that you can ride to work, leave locked up in town etc etc
    so two bikes.
    but you get the gist

    any excuse!

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Oh, and a “town bike”, that you can ride to work, leave locked up in town etc etc
    so two bikes.You get the gist

    And a road bike. And a winter road bike. And a singlespeed…. I’m sure you get the gist ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Personally I would rather have a small number that I keep tip top and up to date than lots but that has caught me out recently having both mountain bikes out of action waiting for essential parts ๐Ÿ™


    We are up to 14 bikes working + frames and forks and bits

    But there are 2 of us and neither of us has bought a new bike in a long time- annoyingly we keep wearing out drive trains and bearings at the moment though:(

    But when you average it out i havnt replaced a drive train or a bearing in a numer of years either – just having to buy them all now.


    No need to man up. You feel how you feel. No need to deny your feelings to conform so some sort of misguided stereotype.

    I also get the guilt. The money that’s tied up in them could go to a nice holiday, a new gas boiler, a safer and more fun garden for the kids, their college fund etc

    The question to ask is, can I really justify each one? If yes, and other aspects of your life aren’t suffering financially, what’s the big deal. If you can’t properly justify them, time to sell on.

    And a road bike. And a winter road bike…

    One is bad enough but two?!!


    Why guilty ?

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Just split & sold my full suss, to put a road bike together.
    So that will keep it at 5.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Buying more and more bikes does not make you happier. Riding the ones you have more probably will.

    I have 6 bikes.


    For me the number of bikes is not an issue as long as they each have a distinct role.

    I wonder which niche I’ll need to explore next…


    5 here, even then I’m in turmoil as I’ve got 2 similar weight/travel trail bikes, although one is a 26″, the other a 29er.

    Just need to think of plausible reasons for each, like “this is what I take out when I’m visiting places with square edged bumps”.


    The question to ask is, can I really justify each one? If yes, and other aspects of your life aren’t suffering financially, what’s the big deal. If you can’t properly justify them, time to sell on.

    Couldn’t agree more. I completely understand you. If any of your bike buying involved subterfuge, smoke and mirrors laptop closing when halfway through pay process on crc, then maybe you should ask yourself why you need to keep it quiet…

    If not then why worry.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’m just about to do a spot of rationalising, putting a couple of wee upgrades on the commuter to perk it up, then the roadrat’s getting sold- I just don’t ride it enough.

    And should really do something about my BMX! I really enjoyed renovating it but I’ve ridden it exactly twice. Will take it down the pump track and see if I like it, if not, it’s going.

    And that’ll leave hardly any. Certainly not too many, oh no.


    Yep I have 4 bikes an am getting the guilty feelings about the bmx as it never gets used. I do like it when I ride it but it’s not enough and my chameleon is a better dirt jumper tbh! Plus I always feel that cash from a sale could go towards stuff I want for my mtbs.

    I would go down to just one mountain bike (would be a 160mm fs probably) but then they’re crap on proper dirt jumps where a hardtail excels. Got to have a road bike as well though otherwise I’d never spend any time on a bike! I have to say it was much nicer when I just had the one bike. It was always well maintained and I loved it but now both bikes are kinda bodged together from various parts overlapping different builds etc haha. Feels I have to compromise on quality to be able to afford “ok” parts for each bike i that makes sense. I wish I’d never ridden a full sus as I’d still be happy riding my old Trailstar for everything!

    How many cups and glasses have you got ?

    You only really need one cup,plate fork knife spoon etc. but I bet you have more.

    Case closed.


    Sometimes selling up and starting again is refreshing for your mind and your riding.

    Premier Icon schmiken

    We’ve got nine, but two of those are the wifes and one is the tandem. I race so I can (easily) justify the race bike, road bike and commuter, but then there’s the rigid training bike, cross bike and full sus. Still want a ‘nice’ road bike and contemplating selling the full sus and replacing with a Spark 700 though!

    Full embracer of the n+1 philosophy….


    I’m slowly putting no5 together, I don’t need that many, I could get by with one, .
    but.. the bills are paid, foods in the cupboards, and I’m not in debt, I don’t piss it up the wall, stuff it up my nose or waste it on the gee gees,
    so nothing to feel guilty about.. As long as you can afford it without straining your home life do what you want,..
    If your mrs moans about it tell her to think of your new parts as metaphorical shoes and handbags…
    Although my mrs has four bikes anyway so she can talk…

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