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  • elzorillo

    on recommendation from a friend I finally bought some coal.

    Only upon opening the bag have I realised they’ve given me the wrong stuff.. the bag contains oval coal briquettes..

    OK to put them in the stove? I’m sure I read somewhere that they shouldnt be used as they burn too hot.

    What about if I just put half a dozen in with the wood?

    Premier Icon geoffj

    If its a multifuel and you have a multifuel spec liner you’ll be fine. It would be worth getting a flue stat though to check the temp doesn’t get too high.


    IME the ovals dont burn as hot as other coals and are easy to control

    if you cannot control the air flow to your stove then dont put them on -i mean as a job lot

    6 should be fine and their main job is to burn for hours so help create a nice ember bed

    Quite sulphorous [ not sure what it is tbh] so rots grates


    Don’t put too many on and your stove will be fine. They rot your liner though regardless of what spec it is as they are packed with nasties that creat acids in your flue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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