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    So the season for mulled wine is upon us. Yay! Sadly I am the only one in the house who likes it. Anyone got any recipes and advice on how to do small batches? Obviously I don’t want to keep it on the heat for too long other wise the best bits will evaporate. ๐Ÿ™‚


    My brother lived in Norway for a few years and he used a cordial that you add to the wine as you warmed it up. Tasted great, easily as good as any other mulled wine/vin chaud i’ve ever had. Perfect for the tipple for one.

    Failing that if you really want to make it ‘properly’ can’t you make a bigger batch and freeze the rest into convenient sized containers?


    Heat it in a travel kettle?


    Either buy a syrup of some sort, or make one – make a batch with a sacrificial bottle of wine, but increase the amount of sugar and spices and make it strong, then reduce it down, store in a sterilised bottle and add that to your wine to mull in small batches – you could probably do a glassful in the microwave if you wanted, you will have to experiment with amounts of syrup per glass.

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    Comes pre-bottled here. Might be able to get it that way at a German Christmas Market?

    If not, then can get it served at the Christmas market. Standing outside in the freezing cold, drinking a nice hot Glรผhwein, is the only real way imho.

    Anything pre-made will be made from the blended dregs from the wine industry though.

    We did some sums last year, and worked out that not all that much alcohol burns off.


    I make my own cordial and keep in the fridge, then mix with wine and microwave for 30 seconds.

    In a pan put in some orange juice, add sugar, a few sticks of cinnamon, some cloves and a bit old spice. Let it simmer for around 20 mins and leave to cool.

    If left in a container with a lid, keeps fresh for just under a week ๐Ÿ™‚


    Leave the spices and some seville orange peel to decoct in vodka or brandy for 24-48 hours, then remove (else it is far too strong flavoured). Store the result in a suitable bottle, will keep for ages. You can also add sugar if you like your mulled wine sweeter.

    Add a tot to hot wine and bob’s your uncle – instant flavour plus a nice extra kick.


    and a bit old spice


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    Spoke to the mulled wine man at Camden Market on Saturday, he said he used Schwartz mulled wine spices, was very nice too. I’ve since bought some for home use ๐Ÿ˜€

    Have also used Morrisons and M&S pre-bottled which is good, and very easy – just pour out what you want and heat.

    Edit – ooh, thats a big packet!


    “Mulled” is just another word for “ruined”… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I used to buy this and microwave a cup at a time. Keep the bottle in the fridge after opening.


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