mudguards or wet arse?

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  • mudguards or wet arse?
  • Premier Icon mtbmaff

    Sorry I'm late for this party, but I don't know what most of you are going on about?

    A lot of you don't even ride in the rain, you're always on here!

    Premier Icon Radioman

    Waterproof shorts & mudguards when necessary. Dont care what it "looks like" …its going to look muddy anyway!

    Point of mudguards is that u dont get covered in or eat **ite!

    Each to his own…

    They make winter riding fun.


    Mudguards,can't stand the idea of waterproof clothing.

    What boils my wee is seeing someone take a dreadfull line rather than get a bit wet. put some Cruds on and just ride.


    Mudguards everytime.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Blimey, is this still going?

    This is like the helmet thing, It's personal choice OK? I don't get a wet arse, I'm not uncomfortable? you don't have to worry, in the couple of hours I do night riding, and the 3-4 hours I do at the weekend, I'm more than happy.

    Lordy 🙄


    TandemJeremy – Member

    Why does the look matter? form over function? get real

    I agree with TJ, and I never thought I'd say that.


    I only ride about 100 miles a week off road (couple of local night rides and a nice weekend hoon across propper mountains)so I'm not a big mileage rider. I am however a total crusty and when my outer riding gear gets muddy I just dry it out and wear it on the next ride. It's personal choice. I've been mountain biking since the late 80's and have tried all sorts of mud guard/crud guard and just don't like them so hey I must be vain and shallow etc….. 🙄

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)

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