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  • Muddy Commute Bike Options
  • vaseand

    My commute is mostly along an old railway line with some muddy patches then through a farm and onto a road for a couple of miles. I currently use a pretty old heavy hardtail MTB and am looking for something a bit faster and I’d also like to be able to fit a rack and full mudguards.

    What are some good, relatively cheap options? I’ve been looking at gravel bikes (particularly the voodoo limba) but am open to any bikes that would suit the terrain.

    Premier Icon benp1

    What riding position do you want?

    Hybrid or gravel bike with full mudguards should be fine for that


    If you are on Facebook cyclo-cross buy and sell uk gets some decent priced bikes that might be what you are after.

    Nice Giant sx2 at a good price on there at the moment.


    Happy for drop bar or flat bar options – had a road bike in the past which i enjoyed riding. As long is it wod suit the muddy paths, can fit rack and guards and is affordable price then I’m open to it

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I’ve reinvented the hybrid. 26 frame and forks with 29 wheels , CX tyres and full guards. With 26 wheels the toes of my boots would get spray on them With 29 I don’t get a drop on me .
    I absolutely love this bike now the muck is here.

    Premier Icon swanny853

    If it’s flat, a singlespeed has less things to clean. Not a make or break thing though.

    What are you planning on hanging on the rack? My commute used to involve some unmade road and I used a pannier for a long time. It often got grubbier than I’d like- periodically ended up smearing mud on my trouser leg once I’d got changed at work.

    I ended up using a rucksack (for other reasons really) but if I knew I was doing a lot of muddy commuting these days I’d probably at least consider something like a rack pack or Carradice that’s protected by the mudguard.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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