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  • Mud Guard Time!
  • jayx2a

    Prepearing for the slop and need a front guard.

    Just something small and simple – had a mucky nutz face fender thing on my last bike but the RRP Enduroguard looks ok too, but comes in 2 sizes now so not sure if would need the medium or large as my fork is bank in the middle!

    Anything else worth a look at?


    I’ve used a few of the smaller flexible ‘guards before and whilst they’re ok they aren’t a patch on the more substantial ones like the Mudhugger and RRP Progaurd. I’ve run a Mudhugger on my main bike for a while now but last night fitted an RRP Proguard to my hardtail and am a smidge more impressed with it. It seems to be more solid in it’s fitting, though I never had much in the way of issue with the Mudhugger moving.

    It take 5 minutes to get over the slightly uglier looks of the bigger ‘guards but your face will thank you every time you hit a puddle.

    Premier Icon davros

    Mudguardz of rockguardz or mudhugger

    Hob Nob

    I’ve got a rockgaurdz one which was ok, replaced it with a mudhugger, which is pretty crap, considering how much it cost.

    The best i’ve used by far is the new RRP one. And it’s cheaper than the Mudhugger. Been very impressed so far.

    I’ve run one for so long now the bike looks weird without it.


    Is that the RRP pro guard?


    RRP proguard long is by far the best front suspension fork mudguard out there.
    As always the best perforing mudguard is also the ugliest.

    Rockguardz Mudguardz are the best looking and do keep mud out your eyes fairly well but nothing like the coverage the above gives.


    Rockguardz Mudguardz PG450 (its the long one) is absolutely fab, best guard by a country mile. Mine stays on all year .Looks top notch as well. For even more coverage they do a extra long one in carbon for extra blingness . Top guys and excellent service .

    Premier Icon scc999

    Are any of you running the rigid guards on non boost forks?

    I use a marshguard style thing on the front and that has just about good enough clearance – I can’t see the more solid ones leaving enough.  Anyone know different?




    Running a Mudhugger FR on a non boost Yari with a 2.35 Magic Mary, seems ok so far but not ran it in claggy mud yet. Ran it on a non boost Sweep last winter with no issues but that fork does have more clearance.


    Got a Mudhugger FR on both bikes, one’s got Fox 32’s (non boost) and the other has a Helm (boost).  No problems with clogging on either, even in the thick mud in the FOD.

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