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  • TimCotic

    I have a fork issue and could use some advice. I have a 120mm Reba Race (it’s a 2009 model I think) bolt-thru on my Superlight. I’m using Maxxis Ardent 2.25 tyres. 99% of the time I’m delighted,however, it gives problems when I ride through sticky mud because the gap between my front tyre and the curved fork brace is very narrow (about the closest I’ve seen on any mtb fork). Mud gets trapped there and quickly stops the wheel rotating. My friend’s Fox fork has a bigger gap and does not suffer from this problem. Since I’ve had previous maintenance and reliability problems with Fox, I’d prefer to stick with Rockshox. I was wondering if you can recommend any Rockshox models with a bigger mud clearance gap – what about current Revelations for example?

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    I had the exact same problem with my Reba team and a 2.25 ardent last year but one.

    Ended up on one of the STW rdes nearly going home it was that bad, the front wheel jammed solid.

    now using a rev team dropped to 140mm on my soul and things are great.

    and the reba and new revs weigh about the same.

    the arch is much bigger.

    I ran a 2.5 HR on mine whilst in Spain last year


    still managed to do the same on my Rev’s (2.2 RQ – seem very tall) but then I believe the Neoguard I use on them didn’t help the situation.

    b r

    I’ve had the same issue with a variety of Reba’s, now with Magura.

    More mud room, and little servicing required.


    I nearly went over the bars last week when my front wheel just stopped due to mud and that was running mud X tyres. That’s the first time it’s happened with those tyres but with the XC pros it could happen 3 or 4 times on my 6 mile ride to work. I always carry an old toothbrush with my tools for clearing it out. I’ve got a fender bender fitted which probably doesn’t help but it does mean the stanchions aren’t being scraped by the accumulated mud on the tyres.


    Wrong tyres for mud init 🙄

    I have the same problem with XR4 2.2 and Reba’s. Apart from the lack of clearance they work very well in mud (and all other conditions). Seems rather a silly reason to want a new fork but it is the main reason I do! Good to know the Rev’s have more space.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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