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    Keeps the worst off, but in no way a ‘total’ rear mudguard solution.

    Don’t get on with my rear one. Front one is great though.


    Do they actually work? Look a bit small to be any good, but I’m happy to be proven wrong. Will be going on my Rumblefish using a Reverb. Tried a Zefal No Mud last winter but with it being non 29er specific, I found it didn’t keep as much shit off my arse as I’d anticipated.

    Any real world experiences?


    Used one first time on an orange 5 in lakes & 7 stanes last weekend. Delayed wet arse, kept a lot of muck off & I didn’t really notice it. Worth a punt considering what it costs.


    try the mud hugger rear section – they don’t make a 29er specific yet, but as it sits on your seat stays it could still fit your bike – email them and ask. They’ve said it will be a bit short on coverage for my orange clockwork, but I might give it a go as it looks to be the best out there


    Liked my front one, specifically for keeping the stanchions cleaner, but it snapped off after a particularly claggy ride a while back and I’ve not missed it that much.


    Get their proper rear guard. Excellent and extremely light. The butt fender is only really suitable for commutes.

    Depends on saddle and saddle position. Munqe Chick has a selle italia where rails join with a plastic spar. This pushed the fender down about 45 degrees rendering it useless.

    Ive got the same saddle on 2 bikes, one sits further forward on rails meaning the post braces the fender more, making it stiffer and more effective.

    And at their best they only stop the worst, think of them as an emergency accessory that can be left in backpack not a permanent bike fitted part.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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