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  • Mucky Nutz vs Neoguard
  • Duane…

    Muckynutz/Marsh Guard over Neoguard/RRP

    A mate got thrown over the bars during a race as his Marsh Guard got clogged and locked up the front wheel. It was very very very muddy (thick heavy mud) though (and mine didn’t clog).

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    Crud and Neoguard combo keeps me almost spotless.


    Fender Bender.

    NeoGuard throws crap straight at your fork seals and doesn’t work as well.

    I just have the standard Fender Bender – no issues with clearance (36 vans).

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    My Mucky Nuts only clogs in the horriblest of mud- the sort that’s rubbish to ride anyway. Will depend on tyre clearance though, older or smaller forks are more likely to have problems I reckon. All my bikes have them on, all the time, unless it’s really messy when I sometimes fit a shockboard instead.

    Neoguard/similiar are OK but can cause mud to shelf up around the fork seals, not ideal.

    Thanks all
    I’ll try the fender bender

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    I went from Neoguard to Mucky nutz XL as I got fed up of a plume of sh**e hitting me in the face as soon as I hit a faster bit or tarmac. The XL is better but you still get stuff coming up from the front wheel to the extent I have been thinking about one of those big MX style front guards.


    I have both the Mucky Nutz and Neoguard on both my bikes. One is running a Fox 32 Vanilla and the other a Reba.

    I find the clearance with the Mucky Nutz on the Reba a bit too tight with a 2.3 Purgatory tyre if I’m honest, although it is workable.

    No problems with the Vailla with regards clearance.

    They both do an admirable job of keeping the crap out of my face but perhaps the Mucky Nutz just edges it for me.


    I’ve tried both, both are poor unless used with a crud guard, with a CG they both perform exactly the same. Nowt in for me, though I kinda prefer the MN’s.


    Both good, the MuckyNuts tends to keep the fork stanchions cleaner than the Neoguard.

    CrudCatcher essential with both.


    I have used both and they are just the same for keeping mud out your face but as said above the RRP drops the mud straight onto your fork seals so I now use Mucky Nutz on my bikes.

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    muckynutz very tight clearance with 2.35 hans dampfs on my 44 rc3tis

    IME they both styles get trashed pretty quickly in really muddy conditions- I have several nackered versions of both in my shed


    Fender Bender.
    NeoGuard throws crap straight at your fork seals and doesn’t work as well.

    I concur

    which is best?

    anyone have problems with Mucky Nutz getting clogged up with mud?

    XL or standard Fender Bender?

    For 140mm Zocchi 44 Ti RC3’s and Revs @ 130mm


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    Lots of Bender Fenders on sale at the moment on their website: here

    I got fed up of the neoguards jamming up with handfuls of mud (enough to stop the wheel spinning!), so all my bikes have bender fenders now. cheap, light and works!


    Marsh guard for the win.

    Thanks for the link Whyter
    2 ordered


    MuckyNuts on all three bikes here. Mainly to keep the muck off the stanchions & seals rather than to keep me clean!

    On the H/T with a Reba there is very little clearance but the only time it’s jammed up has been when pushing through deep claggy snow. Never actually jammed whilst riding. 2.35 Minion, crudcatcher on downtube.

    On the F/S bikes I’ve got the 44RC3ti with a 2.35 Minion and the 66RC3ti with a 2.5 Minion. Clearance seems OK with both.


    I prefer marsh guards/mucky nuts style as the neoguard rrp type I have seen fretting on a fork leg from an rrp, whi h has put me off somewhat..

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    Oh, and I’d choose Muckynuts over Marshguards, because I don’t like supporting ripoff merchants.


    Not tried the Neoguard jobbies, but do use a Mucky Nutz jobbie and it does an OK job, although the extra size of my Hans Dampfs meant that it was a bit overwelmed.

    Seemed to do a very good job with the smaller Maxxis tyres that were on the bike beforehand.


    Fender Bender FTW!!!!

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    Both are products which can be bodged by anyone with access to scissors and houshold rubbish…

    but ignoring that I’d say a fender type jobbie is marginally better for 2 pretty minor reasons:

    1- Less likely to buzz on the front tyre
    2- Ever so slightly better aerodynamics

    I find both prevent about the same amount of mud going in your eyes, the old inner tube mud flap sorry “Neo-guard” might stop a wee bit more.

    a supplementary crud catcher will help with both where mud is projecting more up than forwards…

    Went from Neoguard to Marsh guard – clean seals after a ride swung it for me.

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