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  • juan

    Is there anything that come cclose to the quality of mavic shoes?
    For some reason mavic shoes are not that much appreciated at work.
    So I don’t mind to get a pair of something else but I want them to be as good as mavic.
    My shoes are “racey” ones, but I am amazed by the quality of the outer sole. Shoes grip everywhere.
    Any ideas?

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    So you really like the Mavic ones, but are changing them because people don’t like them? Why not ask what they do like?

    S-Works for me. There’s an Evo version now (in the US at least) which is a bit tougher.


    Why not ask what they do like?

    Anything but mavic. It’s a corporate thing


    Sidi or spesh


    Tried on some Lake MX330s yday. Very nice/cool, thou they look a bit like footie boots.


    I always thought Mavic quality was a bit ropey. That’s from their gloves and clothes though. I would just generally assume that the quality would be the same for their shoes. I just look at the fastenings on the shoes and they don’t look very hard-wearing at all.
    I’ve used Specialized and Giro everyday and they’ve lasted very well, I think they’re made by the same people.


    It’s a corporate thing

    Is this because:

    A. You work for Shimano?

    B. You keep your cycling shoes on all day? A business suit and Mavic shoes would be looked down on.

    C. Your manager doesn’t like Mavic shoes and you really want a promotion?

    If yes to any of the above, I recommend these:

    They come in a number of styles and colours. I’m sure the powers to be would wholeheartedly approve of your new footwear.

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    bont vaypor xc?

    I have a pair on order so can’t really comment on them overall. But already have some bont road shoes, and they are by far the stiffest and lightest I have found in my size.


    Well I had some scotts and some northwave and they are nowhere as grippy as mavic.
    Sidi are just not meant for walking. I was thinking fizik maybe?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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