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  • thomthumb

    lordswood. park at coxford road and follow your nose.
    winchester. start of the SDW and loads of good bridleways.
    new forest. good luck.


    Your best bet for riding if you don’t know the area is Queen Elizabeth Country Park – good fun waymarked trails. Lordswood / New Forest / South Downs has excellent riding but to be honest is going to be pain in the bum if you don’t have someone to show you around!


    Or Moors Valley actually going the other direction – flat, but fun if you give it some beans 🙂

    Once again I’m away with work for the week and have brought my bike along for some evening riding.

    Im staying near Southampton and nearby is new forest. Is there any decent riding around here? Ill only have time for a couple of hours max each day so no big routes.

    Theres a trail centre not too far away too but i forget the name…. Queen Elisabeth something??

    Help appreciated. Ill be heading back up North on Friday so may set off early and stop at a trail centre on route.



    Yorkshire89, happy to show you round the Forest or Lorsdwood – needs to be evenings

    I might have a couple of hours Tuesday am….

    Email in profile!

    Oops, double post!


    Depending on where you are staying, you could head up the M3 to Swinley. Probably about an hours drive.


    I might to to swinley tommorow afternoon, last couple of days in Portsmouth for me before moving back to plymouth.

    Is it easy to find the trail start points etc ?


    Join Lordswood Thursday night crew at the end of Coxford road at 7pm.


    Queen Elizabeth Country park for an excellent waymarked trail with fun features (disclosure: I would say that as I helped build it… but see video). Also Kingley Vale which is near Funtington (start at Adsdean on Hares Lane)… excellent riding of all sorts, and a freeride course (see video). Sign up at Kingley Vale Mountain Bikers for local knowledge of both – and if you want a map of KV trails I can probably create you one from my strava output.

    Thanks all for the advice. Went to QE country park today, warmed up with a lap of the blue route then did the red. Nice little trail, the berms and decents were very good! I did take a tumble at one point when i ran a bit wide and end of my handlebar hit a tree but no harm done 🙂 felt longer than 5k actually!

    Even jus ridin the blue you can see there are all sorts of trails goin off in different directions so may go back another night.

    Im staying just off the m3. Is Swinley a trail centre?

    I there is a ride on Thursday night round lordswood i may tag along if you don’t mind. Do you have a postcode for it at all?

    I’ve managed to get finished early so will head off on the bike for the day.

    Whats Swinley Forest like? Is it worth the 1hr trip? Is there anywhere else nearer i should head out?

    I remember seeing another trail centre to the west of here in the book but can’t remember what it was called?… I think it was more of a bike park with boardwalks.


    Whats Swinley Forest like? Is it worth the 1hr trip?

    Very good, give it ago. Easy to follow blue and read trail.

    Will head up to swinley, just had a quick look at the vids and it looks good, may even have a play on the jump area if theres no kids about to show me up 😆


    Meet 7pm at the gas station here (paste into Google Maps):


    Park anywhere along Coxford Road, plenty of space.

    Thanks Biscuit powered would have joined you if i didn’t go to Swinley.

    Swinley was fun, the blue is a good warm up for the red and even though its not the most technical place it does flow very well and fast!

    Is lordswood back up and running again? Is been a while but last time I went there, the fc were closing the trails off.

    Is lordswood back up and running again? Is been a while but last time I went there, the fc were closing the trails off.

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