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  • andybanks

    Just wanted to post a public thanks to Mark at MTB Batteries for the outstanding service he’s given.

    Bought a lamp off him a few weeks back and it arrived faulty. No big deal for me really as I’d heard his service was good.

    After buying the lamp his mum passed away and his Dad was ill. Three days after sending my faulty one back a brand new one arrived with one of his rear led lamps chucked in the box as a freebie.

    Can’t fault the product and certainly can’t fault the service.

    If you’re thinking of buying from him I’d recomend it.

    Thanks for the great service Mark – hope all is OK with your Dad.



    can’t echo that enough. Really helped me out with info and advice and my lamp came next day.

    Great guy and i really hope he is doing ok.


    Me too – bought a v2 and highly recommended. Thanks mark/smudge


    +1 here!

    Hope all is OK in MTB batteries towers…

    Premier Icon simmy

    Bought a Luminator, awesome product.

    Hope all is OK with Smudge – gonna save up for a V2 for the helmet

    Premier Icon martymac

    sorry to hear of his loss, ive dealt with him before and hes a decent bloke.


    Yep bought my light from Mtb batteries brilliant product and service. Always recommend them to anyone looking for affordable quality lights.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    I’ve had excellent service with smudge & troutie, can’t recommend them enough

    Premier Icon Hooter

    A big up for the lumenator light from me too – a very nicely spec’ed out product done by someone who clearly cares about his customers. I did a two hour ride with it last night and only noticed at the end I had happily been running it on low setting all ride – there’s soooo much light to play with 🙂


    Lights are brill. However the helmet mount is quite frankly crap. So i mount them on my bar.


    My Luminator is flippin’ awesome.

    I replaced the helmet mount with the smaller one off my now defunct Hope Vision 1

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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