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  • Premier Icon D0NK

    while we’re talking gaiters…anyone know one that will work well over a lake 303? never used ’em before not sure if you need laces to attach the bottom of the gaiter to.

    What do you treat your boots with suggsey?

    303s are nice and toasty, water ingress from the top is the only thing to worry about. I have the wide versions and they are a bit chunky, had to move my cleats a little so my feet are slightly more outboard than usual. Loads of room for thick socks if it gets silly cold but they are so warm anyway I may be tempted to get standard width next time (hopefully a good few years off yet)


    charlie the bikemonger – Member

    and if you want protection down to -18c or something stupid like that, try these…

    we are selling a lot of these to Scotland and Norway etc. Sales to Hawaii are pretty bloody terrible.

    SPD version

    NOT spd version

    Is there actually a non spd version of these boots? The link doesn’t work.

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Can anyone update me on their experience with their Defrosters?

    I was at the LBS last night, and liked the look of the Defroster Trail shoes that they had. I wasn’t wearing the right socks, so didn’t try them on.

    Premier Icon Suggsey

    Update on the Lake boots is they have been bloody brilliant better than all the shimano waterproof winter boots I have tried.

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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