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  • MTB Trails near Dunfermline
  • BTW going to Edinburgh the following week so any where around there recommended would be appreciated.


    The trails at Blairadam are a stone’s throw from town. The Lomonds are only a little further away.

    I’m off to France and would have shown you the best bits. Others will be along shortly who I’m sure will help.

    I am going to Dunfermline Scotland and thinking of taking the bike seen as though the weather is nice. Can anyone recommend any MTB trails in the area? Looking at no more that 40 mile round trip.


    Blairadam is easier to find your way round than the Lomonds and is pretty good fun. You’re not far from Glentress and Innerleithen if you’re in Edinburgh and you can’t go far wrong with either (or indeed both).


    As above plus Pentlands,fife costal path,dean plantation ,devilla,pitmedden Forrest ,ochils all within easy reach,if you look on Dunfermline cycling club there are some maps of routes in and around Dunfermline

    Hi Guys
    I went to Blairadam forest yesterday and not much fun not knowing where the singletrack is and the chance of not finding the car after getting lost. Is there anyone up for a ride? Either at Blairadam Forest or a local (ish) MTB singletrack course near by. I am looking to be at the location for 6-6:30 tonight.
    Any takers?

    PS: Lochore Meadows Coutry park has been mentioned

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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