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  • jswain90

    Looking to upgrade the stem on my Giant XTC which currently has 31.8mm Diameter Carbon Fibre Handlebars.

    I was looking at a Thomson Elite Stem but I have read reviews that some of these are not suitable as the clamp design will fracture the Carbon Handle Bars when you tighten the clamp up.

    Is this really the case?

    Is a Thomson elite stem suitable for my bike or do I need to look at another brand?



    Not too sure why there'd be a problem, Orange Performance Packs include Easton CNT bars and a Thompson stem, we've sold loads and never had a problem.If you're worried,make sure there are no sharp edges touching the bars, or if you're wanting an alternative then try Hope, been running one with carbon bars for years with no problem.

    I've got a Thompson Elite stem with carbon bars. Was the standard build with my bike. Surely its only using too much claming pressure that could possibly cause a problem, but that would be the same with any stem


    Any stem will be fine, ignore the marketing bullshit, just don't over tighten it.

    As for Thomson stems, IMO they are heavy and overpriced.


    KINGTUT – Thats is what I thought, as long as the clamp is not eliptical shaped and it is not over tightened then there should be no problems.

    In your opinion what would be a good choice for a lightweight stem if I do not go for a Thomson Elite? Obviously I am not looking for something that is soo light weight that it will break over time.


    Ritchey WCS 4-Axis.

    Lighter, better looking and cheaper than the Thomo


    I just bought a Rotor S2. Nice piece of kit.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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